can I get tested for HIV or STDs?

Testing for STD, HIV
and Hepatitis is available Monday through Friday by
appointment at the STD Clinic on the fifth floor of the
City County Building, 1 E. Main St.

Testing for HIV and Hepatitis is are also available at
various public locations and can be found by
clicking here.

For an appointment at the clinic or help locating a
testing site please call (260) 449-7504.

much does it cost?

Our services are free but donations are appreciated.

the HIV/STD test kept confidential?

Yes, your information is kept confidential. We will not
release your information to any agency or individual
without your consent.

I still have an STD if I don’t have any symptoms?

Yes, often times there are no symptoms of an STD.

do I do if my partner has a positive test?

You need to schedule an appointment for testing and
treatment as soon as possible. It is very important that
you mention to your medical provider that you have been
in contact with an STD.  Do not have sex until both you
and your partner have completed your treatment.

I have to bring my parents?

parental permission is not required for our services.

I get an HIV test in the evening?

Yes, please refer to the HIV testing sites link above
for details about evening testing sites.

can I go if I don’t have insurance?

All services at our clinic and testing sites are free.

you have condoms?

free condoms are available any time during clinic hours.

I get a pregnancy test in the clinic?

Pregnancy screening is not a service we offer.

I was exposed to HIV a month ago, how long until it
shows up on a test?

It could take up to three months from the time you are
exposed to show on a test.

it against the law to have sex if you have HIV?

however it is against the law to have sex or share
needles without telling your partner that you are HIV
positive. If you tell the person you are about to have
sex or share needles with that you have HIV and they
agree to continue with the activity, you are not
breaking any laws.

should I do if I have symptoms?

You should call for an appointment as soon as possible.
Be sure to mention that you are having symptoms when you
schedule the appointment.

I have HIV for years and not know it?

Yes, symptoms often take 7 to 10 years to show up. HIV
is detectable on a test three months after exposure.

long can I have an STD without knowing?

There are often no symptoms of an STD which means you
can have one for long period of time without knowing it.
If symptoms are present they usually show shortly
(typically from a few days to a month) after exposure.

do I do if I test positive?

Follow through with your medical providers instructions
including taking all medicine and abstaining from sex
for the specified amount of time. It is also very
important that your sex and/or needle sharing partners
are informed of the contact and receive testing and any
treatment that are needed.

I still be treated for STDs if I am pregnant?

Yes, there are treatments available that are safe during
pregnancy for most STDs. It is important to let your
provider know if you are or may be pregnant so that a
safe treatment is provided.

do I do if I am having symptoms and I need to make an appointment but there
are no appointments available?

If you are concerned about
symptoms you are having, call the clinic and ask to speak with one of the
nurses so that a plan can be made to best meet your needs based on the
symptoms you are having.

sexually transmitted diseases do you test for in your clinic?

The STD Clinic tests for the
following sexually transmitted diseases: Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Trichomonas
(females only), Herpes, Hepatitis, Syphilis and HIV.

are some things that I should be aware of when I make an appointment at the
STD clinic?

In order for testing to be
accurate, you should not have taken any antibiotics in the last four weeks.
When scheduling your appointment, please let the scheduler know if you have
had any antibiotics.

For females, you should not be on
your menstrual cycle (period) when you come to the clinic for testing. If
you are, you will have to come back to the clinic at a later time for

When you come to the STD Clinic
for your appointment, it is best to arrive 15 minutes early so you have time
to fill out your paperwork.

Infectious Disease Center


is the most important thing I can do to protect myself
and my family from communicable diseases?

Handwashing!  Handwashing!  Handwashing!

Handwashing is the best
way to prevent the    spread of infection and it costs
less than a penny.

When should you wash:

  • Before, during and
    after preparing

  • Before you eat

  • After you use the

  • After handling
    animals and animal waste

  • Wash more often
    when someone in your home is sick.

How should you wash your hands?

  1.  Dispense
    paper towel.

  2. 2nd
    Wet you hands and apply soap.

  3. Rub
    your hands together, scrubbing all surfaces.

  4. Continue this for 15 seconds

  5. Rinse well and dry with a paper towel.

  6. Turn off the faucet with a paper towel.


I get TB from someone with a positive skin test?

It depends . . .

Tuberculosis is passed
from one person to another only through sharing the same
air with someone who is actually sick with TB disease. 
This is commonly referred to as airborne transmission.

Someone with a positive
skin test who is sick with TB would likely have any
combination of the following symptoms of TB:

  • Weakness

  • Fatigue

  • Loss of appetite

  • Chills

  • Fever

  • Night sweats

  • Cough

  • Coughing up blood

  • Chest pain

  • Shortness of

A person who has a positive skin
test, a normal chest x-ray, and no symptoms of TB has latent TB infection.  This is
not a
contagious infection and you cant catch TB from this
person.  An individual with this infection can be
treated with an antibiotic which should prevent them
from ever becoming sick with TB disease.


can  I get a TB skin test or chest x-ray for
school, work, foster parent requirements, etc., and why
doesn’t the health department offer this anymore?

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