following chart is comprised of the latest “regular” year 2004
inspection results for licensed retail food establishments. The list does not include inspection
information for schools and churches nor does it contain complaints or
miscellaneous investigations conducted at food establishments. These inspections, as well as any other
information not listed in this chart, can be obtained upon request at our
Department. All requests must be made
in person during normal office hours.
The inspection information will be updated every six months. (NEXT UPDATE
View Allen County Food Ordinance at
Please use the
following table as a “key” to some items denoted in the chart.
CCritical violation
NCNon-critical violation
DateThe date the establishment was last inspected.
*Inspections within the
establishment are conducted at different times due to multiple kitchens
inside facility. Therefore, cannot
assign one score.
***Inspections not conducted due to
change of ownership or other extenuating circumstance.
SEASONALEstablishment operates only
during certain times of the year. An
inspection could not be conducted at this time.
 Criticals – (Listed)
02Employee Health
03Personal Cleanliness
04Hygiene Practices
06Sources / Specifications / Original Containers / Records
07Protection from Contamination after Receiving
08Destruction of Organisms of Public Health Concern
09Limitation of Growth of Organisms of Public Health Concern
10Food Identity / Presentation / On-Premise Labeling
11Contaminated Food
12Highly Susceptible Population
13Materials for Construction and Repair
14Design and Construction
17Maintenance and Operation (Equipment, Utensils,
and Linens
18Cleaning of Equipment and Utensils
19Sanitization of Equipment and Utensils
23Plumbing System
24Mobile Water Tank and Mobile Retail Food Establishment Water Tank
25Sewage / Other Liquid Waste
31Maintenance and Operation (Physical Facilities)
32Labeling and Identification
33Operational Supplies and Applications
34Stock and Retail Sale
Section NumbersCriticals- (Listed)
109 (A)Management & Supervision
113(A,C,E, F)Mobile Retail Food Establishment
117,118Supervision & Responsibility
120,121,123Infection Control
132, 133, 136, 137Employee Health
139, 141, 142, 143, 144Food & Food Sources
147, 149, 150Dairy Products
151, 153Pasteurized Food
154, 155, 157, 160, 162Fish & Molluscan Shellfish
164, 165Wild Mushrooms
166Receiving Temperatures
167, 168Additives
171, 172, 173Preventing Contamination
177(a5), 181(a)Food Identification & Storage
182, 183Cooking Food
187Holding Temperatures
188Reheating Food
189Cooling Food
191, 192Date Marking & Disposition
193Time As A Public Health Control
195Reduced Oxygen Packaging
196Consumer Advisory
200, 201, 204Sources Of Contamination
Equipment Design & Materials
229Cleanability Of Equipment
240(a1, b1), 241Single-Service / Single-Use Articles
246(e)Glove Use
253Temperature Measuring Devices
269Warewashing Equipment Requirements
274Manual Warewashing
294, 295(a,b), 296, 303Warewashing – General
320, 321Water
322(a), 323-326, 329,
334-337, 339(a)
Plumbing / Water
343, 344, 345,Handwashing Sinks
357Service Sink
368Mobile Water / Waste Holding Tanks
375, 376, 377Wastewater
415(a3)Pest Control
419, 420, 421Personnel
435, 436Animals
Please refer to the Indiana Food Code, 410 IAC 7-24, in its entirety for
details on all
requirements. The complete Food Code
can be viewed under Food Regulations:
Indiana Food Code.
24/30 Surplus218 SR 930 W, New Haven11/16/0422139, 439
469 Sports & Spirits1322 Minnich Rd., NH11/17/0411294
69 & Lima Rd. Shell4933 Lima Rd., FW8/2/0401 
7th Floor Caf110 W. Berry St., FW7/9/0401 
A & B Natural Foods5960 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW12/1/0400 
A & O Sweet Shop Tavern1734 High St., FW9/13/041433
A Baby’s Closet4800 S. Calhoun St., FW8/20/0400 
A Day Away Adult Daycare2000 N. Wells St., FW9/24/0400 
A Taste of Mexico3032 Maumee St., FW12/28/0405 
A Touch of Heaven6122 St. Joe Ctr. Rd., FW12/10/0400 
A.J. Wright334 E. Pettit, FW9/13/0401 
AAA Auction Service Inc.21100 McConnell Dr., NH9/15/0402 
AAJ India Restaurant5515-D Coldwater Rd., FW7/28/0405 
Abby Brown’s1415 E. State St., FW8/10/0400 
Acme Bar/Big Daddy’s Pizza1105 E. State St., FW12/6/0411187
Across The Tracks615 Broadway, NH11/18/0400 
AFC Sushi4522 Maplecrest Rd., FW8/3/0400 
AFC Sushi (Kroger)8801 W. US 24, FW11/15/0401 
After Dark1601 S. Harrison, FW7/7/0402 
Aguilera Tortilla Factory1940 S. Harrison, FW10/4/043307, 13, 13
Air Host Fort Wayne, Inc.3939 W. Ferguson Rd., FW10/13/041418
AJ’s USA Bar & Grille2472 Getz Rd., FW9/20/0402 
Alberto’s Mexican Grill2529 S. Calhoun St., FW8/4/041122
Albright’s Meat & Deli4924 S. Calhoun, FW10/8/0406 
Aldi Inc. #337325 S Anthony Blvd., FW8/24/0400 
Aldi Inc. #573802 Lima Rd., FW12/11/0400 
All Sports Bar & Grill,
327 E US 930, NH10/25/0403 
Allen Co. Juvenile Center2929 Wells St., FW12/17/0401 
Allen County Jail417 S. Calhoun St., FW12/2/0404 
Alpine Grabill InnBox 37, Fairview Dr., Grabill12/29/0402 
American Greetings4201 Coldwater Rd., FW8/25/0400 
American Legion #37720115 Main St., Woodburn11/16/0400 
American Legion Post #148705 E. Lewis, FW12/14/0402 
American Legion Post #296130 W. Tillman Rd., FW8/5/0403 
American Legion Post #330330 Entrance Drive, NH11/1/0401 
American Legion Post #40914133 State Rd. 1, FW11/15/0410296
American Legion Post #420112 E. South St., Monroeville10/18/0402 
American Legion Post #476424 St. Joe Rd., FW8/11/041007
American Legion Post #4994830 Hillegas Rd., FW10/7/041504
American Legion Post #823501 Harris Rd., FW9/21/0401 
American Legion Post 2417605 Bluffton Rd., FW9/24/0403 
AmericInn & Suites2902 E. Dupont Rd., FW7/15/0400 
Ameri-Suites111 W. Washington Ctr. Rd., FW12/2/0401 
Amvets #552025 Olladale Dr., FW9/21/0400 
Amvets Post #33, Inc.6620 Koester Dr., FW10/20/041117
Anastasia’s5631 Coventry Ln., FW7/15/0401 
Anchor Room Caf4530 Lehmeyer Rd., FW9/24/0400 
Anthis Career Center1200 S. Barr St., FW9/30/042304, 32
Anthony BP4224 S. Anthony Blvd., FW9/21/0401 
Anthony Wayne C.O.G. – Food
6012 S. Bend Dr., FW11/3/0400 
Anthony Wayne Vending Co.,
530 Wolfe Dr., FW10/19/0401 
Applebee’s5414 Meijer Rd., FW9/13/0402 
Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill4510 N. Clinton, FW12/16/0424136, 294
Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill5788 Coventry Lane, FW11/1/0401 
Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill6525 Lima Rd., FW11/10/0402 
Aquilera Tortilla Factory1940 S. Harrison, FW10/4/043307, 13, 13
Arabian Room – Mizpah Shrine407 W. Berry St., FW12/15/0414296
Aramark Service Commissary1221 Coliseum Blvd. N., FW7/20/0403 
Arbor Glen Retirement Res.5202 St. Joe Rd., FW10/25/0400 
Arby’s610 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW7/6/0401 
Arby’s #10373720 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW10/22/0403 
Arby’s #1201333 E. Wash. Ctr. Rd., FW9/22/0403 
Arby’s #14874201 Coldwater Rd., FW7/16/041123
Arby’s #50408 E. Rudisill Blvd., FW7/29/0402 
Arby’s #5054904 W. State St., FW8/11/041517
Arby’s #54220 W. Coliseum Blvd., FW7/8/0405 
Arby’s #6222336 W. US 30, NH11/3/0404 
Arby’s #63956795 Bluffton Rd., FW10/22/0406 
Arby’s #63965755 Falls Dr., FW9/21/0402 
Arby’s #7433524 E. State St., FW11/30/0402 
Arby’s #7446002 Stellhorn Rd., FW12/21/0413187
Arlington Park Association,
4630 W. Arlgtn. Pk. Blvd., FW12/9/0400 
Armstrong Flowers, Inc.726 E. Cook Rd., FW10/22/0400 
Arthur Blaising (Kid’s Caf)6330 Prize St., FW12/27/0400 
AS Import/Import Intl.
4522 Parnell Ave., FW11/4/0401 
Asakusa Japanese Restaurant6224 Lima Rd., FW10/8/042304, 33
Asian Market2615 S. Calhoun St., FW9/15/0403 
At The Herb Ladie’s Garden8214 Maysville Rd., FW11/23/0400 
Atlantic/Pacific Seafood
493 E. Dupont Rd., FW8/13/0400 
Atz’s Ice Cream Shoppe211 E. Tillman Rd., FW8/5/0405 
Atz’s Ice Cream Shoppe3235 N. Anthony Blvd., FW11/18/0412187
Aunt Millie’s Bakery Outlet4001 Kraft Blvd., FW8/6/0401 
Auntie Anne’s4130 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW7/14/0400 
Auntie Anne’s Pretzels4201 Coldwater Rd., FW8/16/042223, 32
Autumn Ridge Club House11420 Auburn Rd., FW9/1/0401 
Avalon Summersport Club8021 Durban Dr., FWSeasonal   
Azars Big Boy #126800 Bluffton Rd., FW7/14/0408 
B.P.O. Elks Lodge #1554935 Hillegas Rd., FW12/6/0414187
Baan Thai Restaurant4634 Coldwater Rd., FW12/1/0403 
Babbo Gonzo’s1123 E. State Blvd., FW11/10/041019
Babies R Us4140 Coldwater Rd., FW8/11/0400 
Baby Cakes Bakery4616 E. Dupont Rd., FW12/21/0401 
BAE Systems2000 Taylor St., FW11/16/0413438
Baerfield Speedway4331 Winters Rd., FWSeasonal   
Bandido’s2868 E. Dupont Rd., FW8/25/0401 
Bandido’s7510 Winchester Rd., FW11/2/0403 
Bandido’s North933 Northcrest Shopping Ctr., FW12/15/0401 
Bandido’s, Inc.6536 E. State St., FW12/21/0415171
Bangladoon’s709 S. Clinton St., FW11/4/0400 
Barnes & Noble
Booksellers, Inc.
4140 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW7/6/041023
Baskin Robbins603 Nrthcrst. Shop. Ctr., FW10/14/0401 
Baymont Inn1005 W. Wash. Ctr. Rd., FW9/30/0400 
BBQ ‘N Pasta10230 Coldwater Rd., FW10/6/0401 
Beacon Heights – Food Bank2810 Beacon St., FW9/8/0400 
Bed, Bath & Beyond4020 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW10/27/0400 
Bella Pizzeria9048 Lima Rd., FW9/17/0404 
Bell’s Skating Rink7009 E. Lincoln Hwy., FW12/12/0400 
Benson’s Bar & Grill2650 S. Coliseum Blvd., FW10/4/0402 
Bentley’s on Broadway2520 Broadway, FW7/27/0401 
Bertsch Services/Do It Best6502 Nelson Rd., New Haven12/30/0400 
Best Buy737 Northcrest Shopping Ctr., FW10/13/0400 
Best Inns of America3017 W. Coliseum Blvd., FW9/24/0400 
Best Value Inn1401 W. Washington Ctr. Rd.,FW7/22/0400 
Best Western Luxbury Inn5501 Coventry Lane, FW8/31/041107
Beth Ann’s Bakery2441 Broadway, FW12/15/0402 
Bethlehem Lutheran Food Bank3705 S. Anthony, FW9/9/0400 
BF GoodrichUS Hwy. 24 E., Woodburn***   
Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano4010 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW11/23/0422303, 303
Big Daddy’s Pizza511 E. Dupont Rd., FW9/29/0402 
Big Eyed Fish1502 N. Wells St., FW8/13/0401 
Big Lots #12266128 Stellhorn Rd., FW10/18/041105
Big Lots #17283958 Illinois Rd., FW10/4/0400 
Big Lots #1768102 E. Pettit Ave., FW9/7/041005
Big Lots #188918 Lincoln Hwy. W., New Haven7/20/0401 
Big Momma, Inc.1403 Winter St., FW11/10/0407 
Billiard Caf532 Noble Dr., FW8/2/0402 
Billy’s18359 US 30, Zulu10/19/0403 
Black Dog Pub6203 Covington Rd., FW7/8/0403 
Blackhawk Swim & Tennis
3020 Simcoe Dr., FW7/8/0403 
Blaising Commun. Ctr. (Food
6330 Prize St., FW12/27/0400 
Blockbuster4566 Maplecrest, FW11/22/0400 
Blockbuster909 Dupont, FW12/16/0400 
Blockbuster Video #185585410 Coldwater Rd., FW12/14/0400 
Blockbuster Video #95150100 E. Pettit Ave., FW7/8/0401 
Blondies Cookies, Inc.4201 Coldwater Rd., Ste. 322, FW12/15/0401 
Blondie’s Cookies, Inc.4206 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW9/7/0403 
Blu Tomato2787 Maplecrest Rd., FW12/17/04011 
Bluffton Road BP5030 Bluffton Rd., FW7/23/0401 
Bob Evans5135 Meijer Dr., FW8/5/0402 
Bob Evans #2235785 Coventry Parkway, FW11/17/0423421, 438
Bob Evans #4171715 Apple Glen Blvd.7/22/041019
Bob Evans Farms Inc. #3182935 E. Dupont Rd., FW12/16/0401 
Bob Evans Farms Inc. #40520 Coliseum Blvd., FW10/11/0401 
Bob Hawkins House of Fish2619 Weisser Pk., FW7/9/0406 
Bob’s Restaurant22031 Main St., FW11/16/0400 
Bogey’s Bar & Grille1567 W. Dupont Rd., FW7/28/0403 
Bootleggers Saloon &
2809 W. Main St., FW7/20/0401 
Borders Books – Music – Caf4320 Coldwater Rd., FW7/12/0401 
Bourbon St. Grill4201 Coldwater Rd., FW12/13/0412136
Boxed Delites424 E. Wayne St., FW8/17/0400 
Boys & Girls Clubs of Ft.
2609 Fairfield Ave., FW11/2/042105, 17
BP Express2522 Goshen Rd., FW7/23/0401 
BP Gas Station5030 Bluffton Rd., FW12/9/0401 
BP Gas Station6230 Stellhorn Rd.12/1/0403 
Brandy’s Lounge3011 W. Coliseum Blvd., FW7/16/0400 
Brass Rail1121 Broadway, FW7/8/0402 
Bresler’s Ice Cream &
4201 Coldwater Rd., FW11/4/0402 
Brewer’s Art Supply1520 N. Wells St., FW10/13/0400 
Brickhouse Bagels &
8051 Coldwater Rd., FW11/5/0400 
Broadway Bar & Grill1420 Broadway, FW11/4/0402 
Broadway Joe’s2514 Broadway, FW11/2/0402 
Broadway Pointe2531 Broadway, FW7/27/0404 
Brookwood Golf Club10304 Bluffton Rd., FW8/2/0404 
Brueggemann Lumber7147 Ricker Rd., NH12/17/0400 
Buckets Sports Pub & Grub6268 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW9/7/0401 
Buffalo Wild Wings10524 Maysville Rd., FW11/18/0403 
Buffalo Wild Wings1425 W. Dupont Rd., FW11/19/0402 
Buffalo Wings & Ribs6439 W. Jefferson, FW7/20/041333
Buffalo Wings N’ Ribs4636 Coldwater Rd., FW11/19/0412171
Burger King10201 Illinois Rd., FW8/25/0401 
Burger King1727 Apple Glen Blvd., FW7/7/0402 
Burger King324 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW12/13/0400 
Burger King #11365413 E. Dupont Rd., FW8/10/0400 
Burger King #114453710 E. Dupont Rd., FW11/3/0401 
Burger King #120974201 Coldwater Rd., FW12/6/0400 
Burger King #22581826 Bluffton Rd., FW9/16/0403 
Burger King #47074510 Maplecrest Rd., FW11/19/0401 
Burger King #49702511 Spy Run Ave., FW7/1/041204
Burger King #5250232 E. Pettit Ave., FW11/10/0402 
Burger King #53237616 US 30 E., FW11/9/0402 
Burger King #57533710 E. State, FW12/13/0401 
Burger King #57906402 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW7/8/0401 
Burger King #82036225 Lima Rd., FW8/2/0401 
Burger’s1412 N. Wells St., FW7/7/0400 
C.A.J. Discount Foods, Inc.500 Coombs St., FW12/8/0400 
Caf 7203 E. Berry St., FW12/30/0403 
Cagney’s Pub936 N. Coliseum Blvd., FW11/30/0414324
Cake Creations1-288 Hosler Rd., Leo12/20/0400 
Cam’s Convenience Store3202 Broadway, FW8/19/0402 
Canteen Vending2715 American Way, FW10/8/0403 
Canterbury Green – Pro Shop2727 Canterbury Blvd., FW8/13/0400 
Canterbury Green (Bkfst)2615 Abbey Drive, FW10/12/0402 
Canterbury Green Pool Shack2727 Canterbury Blvd., FW8/18/0401 
Captain Black’s Eatery2220 E. Pontiac, FW8/11/0403 
Carlos O’Kelly’s5736 Falls Drive, FW11/2/041432
Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Caf549 E. Coliseum Blvd., FW7/14/041507
Carl’s Tavern433 Broadway, New Haven10/5/043217, 32, 32
Carole Lombard House704 Rockhill St., FWSeasonal   
Carribbean West Indies
6021 N. Clinton, FW12/14/0424142, 438
Casa D’Angelo3402 Fairfield Ave., FW7/14/0402 
Casa Grille411 E. Dupont Rd., FW11/30/0406 
Casa Grille6340 Stellhorn Rd., FW7/28/0401 
Casa Mare4111 Parnell Ave., FW12/30/0406 
Casa! Ristorante7545 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW11/12/041404
Catablu Gourmet American
2441 Broadway, FW11/2/0402 
Cathy’s Catering/Navistar2911 Meyer Rd., FW11/16/0400 
Cebolla’s236 Fernhill, FW12/21/0401 
Cebolla’s Mexican Grill602 E. Dupont Rd., FW7/30/041209
Cedar Creek Golf Club10000 Garman Rd., Leo9/9/0400 
Cedar Creek Twp. Food Bank13527 Leo Rd., Leo12/16/0401 
Center Deli4221 W. Washington Ctr. Rd., FW9/23/0407 
Centerfold1525 Production Rd., FW7/22/0403 
Central America313 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW8/13/0431307, 07, 23
Central Home Delivery2927 Lake Ave., FW9/1/0400 
Ceruti Catering5725 Hatfield Rd., FW10/19/0403 
Ceruti Catering, Inc.1700 Magnavox Way, FW11/8/041132
Chappell’s Marathon8717 US 24 W., FW9/14/0401 
Chappel’s LLC2723 Broadway, FW12/7/0404 
Charis House533 W. Washington Blvd., FW11/1/0403 
Charon Catering4420 Ardmore Ave., FW10/21/041107
Checkerz1706 W. Till Rd., FW9/16/0405 
Cheddar’s Restaurant305 W. Coliseum Blvd., FW12/10/0405 
Cherry Hill Golf Course6615 Wheelock Rd., FW9/23/0400 
Chestnut Hills Golf Course11502 Illinois Rd., FW7/20/0404 
Chevvy’s3740 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW9/1/0401 
Chick-Fil-A1725 Apple Glen Blvd., FW11/9/0400 
Chick-Fil-A of Glenbrook
4201 Coldwater Rd., FW9/2/041133
Chili’s #400317 E. Coliseum Blvd., FW7/12/0403 
China Buffet5970 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW11/8/041109
China Express1003 W. Coliseum, FW7/26/041217
China House3119 State St., FW9/15/0405 
China Palace5810 Bluffton Rd., FW11/19/0411439
China Wok7800 S. Anthony Blvd., FW8/4/0400 
Chops Steak & Seafood6421 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW7/21/0404 
Christ United Meth. Food Bank1101 McKinnie St., FW10/6/041005
Christian Praise Fellowship4833 S. Harrison, FW12/20/0400 
Chuck E. Cheese’s711 W. Coliseum Blvd., FW8/4/0400 
Chung King Express3101 N. Anthony Blvd., FW10/21/041423
Cindy’s Diner830 S. Harrison, FW12/15/0401 
Cinema Center @ IIT1600 E. Washington Blvd., FW12/30/0400 
Cinnamonster4201 Coldwater Rd., FW8/27/0402 
Citgo Sparky Mart3116 W. Coliseum Blvd., FW7/28/0402 
City County Cafeteria1. Main St., FW12/29/0400 
City Super Buffet10264 Coldwater Rd., FW12/28/0412136
Clancy’s Frozen Custard/Cl.
6455 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW9/14/0403 
Clara’s Pizza King321 W. State St., FW8/2/0401 
Clark #18217230 Anthony Blvd., FW10/6/0401 
Clark #7625850 Bluffton Rd., FW8/18/041119
Clark Oil #18223220 Wayne Trace, FW12/9/0400 
Clark Refining 7 Mktg. #07363113 N. Clinton St., FW10/21/0400 
Clinton Corners Marathon5910 N. Clinton St., FW11/29/0401 
Clinton Street Bar &
3739 S. Clinton St., FW7/14/0403 
Club Soda235 E. Superior St., FW12/7/0405 
Club, Inc.110 W. Columbia St., FW12/30/0400 
Coffee & Toast Caf1805 E. Washington Blvd., FW7/15/0401 
Coffee Caf6505 E. State Blvd., FW12/12/0402 
Cold Stone Creamery4150 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW10/4/0400 
Coldwater Crossing 14211 W. Wash. Ctr. Rd., FW9/10/0401 
Coldwater Marathon5830 Coldwater Rd., FW11/4/0402 
Coliseum Inn1020 N. Coliseum Blvd., FW12/27/0401 
Colonial Oaks Golf Club8218 Huguenard Rd., FW9/7/0400 
Columbia Street West135 W. Columbia St., FW11/30/0404 
Comfort Suites5775 Coventry Lane, FW9/2/0401 
Comfort Suites North3302 E. Dupont Rd., FW7/2/0400 
Community Harvest FB-Pantry999 E. Tillman Rd., FW11/4/041005
Concord Village6723 S. Anthony Blvd., FW8/17/0402 
Concordia Theol. Food Bank6600 N. Clinton St., FW11/16/0412294
Coney Dog Caf357 W. Lincoln Hwy., NH11/16/0410439
Coney Express206 E. Pettit Ave., FW12/7/0421303, 344
Coney Factory3434 N. Anthony Blvd., FW11/23/0400 
Coney Island Weiner Stand131 W. Main St., FW11/16/0412294
Coney Station3228 E. Paulding Rd., FW8/9/041217
Connolly’s Do It Best1203 W. State Blvd.10/1/0400 
Connolly’s Do It Best3520 N. Anthony Blvd., FW12/11/0400 
Connolly’s Do It Best5221 S. Calhoun St., FW10/8/0400 
Cookie Cottage508 Noble Drive., FW8/19/0400 
Coop’s Cozy English Pub1910 Bluffton Rd., FW9/16/0403 
Cork N Cleaver221 E. Wash. Ctr. Rd., FW11/4/0402 
Cosmo’s House of Pancakes3233 St. Joe Ctr. Rd., FW12/23/0413171
Cosmo’s Restaurant &
1040 N. Coliseum Blvd., FW12/29/04013 
Cottage Flowers & Deli236 E. Wayne St., FW12/14/0400 
Country Inn & Suites5926 Cross Creek Blvd., FW9/8/0403 
Country Kitchen & Sweet
4621 Speedway Dr., FW11/19/0400 
Country Spirits11517 Arcola Rd., Arcola11/24/0404 
Countryside Grocery113 E. South St., Monroeville7/14/0400 
Courtyard By Marriott1619 W. Wash. Ctr. Rd., FW10/19/0400 
Coventry 135495 Coventry Ln., FW10/21/0401 
Covington Bar & Grill6330 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW7/9/0402 
Covington Commons2601 Covgtn. Comm. Dr., FW11/8/0400 
Cracker Barrel10427 Maysville Rd., FW10/20/041109
Cracker Barrel1609 W. Wash. Ctr. Rd., FW11/29/0404 
Craftsman Club, Inc.2329 Winter St., FW12/9/0403 
Creative Dining Services1025 W. Rudisill Blvd., FW9/23/0400 
Crescent Corners Express1202 E. State Blvd., FW11/17/0403 
Crossroads Pantry3411 Lwr. Huntington Rd., FW10/13/0404 
Curly’s Village Inn4205 Bluffton Rd., FW11/4/041017
Cut the Cake233 W. Main St., FW10/26/0400 
CVS Pharmacy #65092802 E. State Blvd., FW12/12/0401 
CVS Pharmacy #65107330 Lima Rd., FW9/16/0401 
CVS/Pharmacy #6496115 State Rd. 930, New Haven7/21/0401 
CVS/Pharmacy #65195802 S. Anthony Blvd., FW9/14/041005
CVS/Pharmacy #65203918 S. Calhoun St., FW7/8/0401 
CVS/Pharmacy #65222811 Getz Rd., FW10/19/0402 
CVS/Pharmacy #65276220 St. Joe Ctr. Rd., FW11/8/0400 
D & J Mini Market10914 W. County Line Rd., Znsvl.9/1/0403 
D & L Foods1108 E. Pontiac, FW11/5/0401 
Dairy Queen10207 Illinois Rd., FW11/3/0402 
Dairy Queen10830 Leo Rd., FW11/30/0411171
Dairy Queen3307 E. State St., FW7/8/0405 
Dairy Queen3811 S. Calhoun St., FW8/3/0404 
Dairy Queen412 Southview Ave., FW7/28/0404 
Dairy Queen501 Lwr. Huntington Rd., FW8/13/0401 
Dairy Queen7403 Maplecrest Rd., FW10/22/0403 
Dairy Queen8037 Coldwater Rd., FW9/16/0404 
Dairy Queen (Maplewood)6207 Plantation Lane, FW10/20/0403 
Dairy Queen (New Haven)1410 E. Hwy 30, New Haven11/9/041503
Dairy Queen (Parnell)2902 Parnell Ave., FWSeasonal   
Dairy Queen (Speedway)4438 Lima Rd., FW7/15/042507, 31
Dairy Queen (West State)2218 Sherman Blvd., FW8/20/041507
Dairy Queen/Orange Julius4201 Coldwater Rd., FW11/5/0401 
Dairy Queen/Zoo (Rainforest)3411 Sherman Blvd., FWSeasonal   
Dash-In814 S. Calhoun St., FW10/26/0403 
Dave Hill’s Meat Market, Inc.3031 W. Washington Ctr. Rd., FW9/27/0401 
Dave’s Discount Tobacco901 Spring St., FW7/15/0400 
Daylight Donuts433 E. Dupont Rd. FW8/4/0406 
Days Inn3939 Ferguson Rd., FW***   
DeBrand Fine Chocolates3939 W. Ferguson Rd., FW9/17/0400 
DeBrand Fine Chocolates4110 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW11/2/0400 
DeBrand Fine Chocolates5608 Coldwater Rd., FW8/23/0402 
DeBrand’s10105 Auburn Rd., FW11/15/0401 
Deer Park Lodge1530 Leesburg Rd., FW8/25/041119
Deer Track Golf Course19030 Tonkel Rd., Auburn9/14/0400 
Deli 620620 S. Calhoun St., FW11/15/0402 
Denny’s1920 N. Coliseum, FW12/21/0408 
Doddie’s Beauty &
3003 Taylor St., FW11/24/0400 
Doggies Gourmet Hot Dogs9187 Lima Rd., FW12/15/0400 
Dog-Out3003 Taylor St., FW11/5/0402 
Dollar General1310-A Minnich Rd., NH7/26/0400 
Dollar General22399 Hickory St., Woodburn10/28/0401 
Dollar General #28103121 E. State Blvd., FW9/28/0400 
Dollar General #38566101 N. Clinton, FW11/22/0400 
Dollar General #47141850 Bluffton Rd., FW7/16/0400 
Dollar General Store #00221425 Goshen Rd., FW8/30/0400 
Dollar General Store #0824715 W. Lincoln Hwy., New Haven7/12/041005
Dollar General Store #376514550 Amstutz Rd., Leo12/16/0400 
Dollar General Store #38113906 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW11/12/0400 
Dollar General Store #48452740 Maplecrest Rd., FW7/21/0400 
Dollar Movies6414 E. State St., FW11/1/0402 
Dollar Tree304 E. Pettit Ave., FW7/8/041005
Dollar Tree #19981720 Apple Glen Blvd., FW12/17/0401 
Dollar Tree #7195321-D Coldwater Rd., FW11/4/0400 
Dollar Tree #7606043 Stellhorn Rd., FW11/3/0400 
Domino’s Pizza10340 Coldwater Rd., FW11/10/0400 
Domino’s Pizza320 Broadway, NH9/21/0402 
Domino’s Pizza5527 S. Anthony Blvd., FW10/29/0403 
Domino’s Pizza608 Goshen Rd., FW8/27/041317
Domino’s Pizza #26425986 Stellhorn Rd., FW8/24/0402 
Don Hall’s Tavern At Coventry5745 Coventry Lane, FW9/16/0404 
Don Pablo’s407 W. Coliseum Blvd., FW12/13/0414136
Double Dragon117 W. Wayne St., FW12/17/0402 
Downtown Marathon437 E. Washington Blvd., FW12/11/0422324, 439
Downtown Pizza534 W. Berry St., FW10/20/0400 
DPR Corporation1501 N. Coliseum Blvd., FW12/2/0402 
DPR Oil1501 N. Anthony, FW12/2/0402 
Drop In Center3020 S. Calhoun St., FW7/20/0400 
Dugout3401 Fairfield Ave., FW10/21/0403 
Dunkin Donuts5740 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW7/19/0402 
Dunkin Donuts / Baskin
6747 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW10/25/0400 
Dupont Citgo3710 E. Dupont Rd., FW10/19/041223
Dupont Pit Stop513 E. Dupont Rd., FW8/11/0401 
Durnell’s2502 Broadway, NH9/16/0402 
Eagles Nest Youth Center6011 Hessen Cassel, FW8/25/0405 
East Haven Tavern635 Green St., FW10/26/0401 
East of Chicago Pizza11119 Grabill Rd., Leo12/3/0401 
East of Chicago Pizza3211 N. Anthony, FW7/8/0401 
East of Chicago Pizza634 Broadway, NH9/21/041331
East of Chicago Pizza6532 E. State St., FW11/16/0402 
East of Chicago Pizza6811 Lima Rd., FW8/12/0404 
East of Chicago Pizza Co.6720 Old Trail Rd., FW9/23/0404 
East Wayne St. Food Bank801 E. Wayne St., FW11/5/0400 
Eat Za Pizza2426 Broadway, FW12/13/0401 
Econo Lodge2908 Goshen Rd., FW7/2/0403 
Eddie Merlot’s1502 Illinois Rd., FW10/19/0401 
El Azteca535 E. State Blvd., FW8/20/0403 
El Burrito Colonial267 W. Coliseum Blvd., FW7/8/0403 
El Paraiso (AFM)4135 Hessen Cassel, FW11/2/041309
El Paraiso (AFS)4135 Hessen Cassel, FW11/2/0408 
El Rey Restaurant1812 Bluffton Rd., FW10/29/041233
Elco Tap2516 E. Pontiac, FW7/1/0400 
Elegant Occasions14722 Lima Rd., FW9/28/0401 
Elite Foods Commissary5422 Keystone Dr., FW12/16/0401 
Elks Lodge Pool Snack Shed4935 Hillegas Rd., FWSeasonal   
Elmhurst Little League1712 Legoma Dr., FWSeasonal   
Elmo’s Subs & Pizza2929 E. Dupont Rd., FW8/4/0400 
Engle Pride3730 Engle Rd., FW7/28/041433
Enzo Pizza4130 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW7/12/0402 
Ernie’s Classic Steakhouse3215 St. Joe Ctr. Rd., FW7/5/0402 
Espresso Gallery10357 Illinois Rd., FW11/30/0400 
Eurest Dining1010 Production, FW12/13/0400 
Euro Food Mart1338-A Goshen Rd., FW7/1/0403 
Europe Caf5700 Industrial Rd., FW10/15/0402 
Express King Gyros1530 N. Coliseum Blvd., FW9/30/0403 
Fairfield Inn5710 Challenger Pkwy., FW8/31/0400 
Fairfield Shell5805 Fairfield, FW8/4/0401 
Fairview Golf Course7102 S. Calhoun St., FW7/13/042419, 19
Family & Friends Caf5830 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW12/21/0411303
Family Dollar #62613905 E. State Blvd., FW11/23/0401 
Family Dollar #6334910 W. Lincoln Hwy., New Haven10/19/041133
Family Dollar Store #1069102 E. Rudisill Blvd., FW7/19/0400 
Family Dollar Store #30286443 Bluffton Rd., FW8/6/0401 
Family Dollar Store #64103120 Lincoln Hwy., New Haven12/14/0400 
Family Dollar Stores1515 Goshen Ave., FW10/22/0400 
Family Dollar Stores #11302011 Broadway St., FW7/27/0401 
Family Donuts908 W. Lincoln Hwy., NH10/19/0402 
Fast Max/Sunoco #955133 Coldwater Rd., FW7/21/0400 
Fast Track Indoor Go Karts5015 Speedway Dr., FW10/8/0400 
Fazoli’s Restaurant439 W. Coliseum Blvd., FW12/27/0405 
Fazoli’s Restaurant5909 Covington Rd., FW9/1/0402 
Fazoli’s Restaurant6525 Stellhorn Rd., FW8/13/0407 
Fender’s Rest. & Lounge10350 Coldwater Rd., FW10/21/0401 
Finish Line Marathon6303 Stellhorn Rd., FW7/15/0400 
Finish Line Shell6302 Illinois Rd., FW9/1/0404 
Firefly Coffee House3523 N. Anthony Blvd., FW7/23/0402 
Firehouse Reception Hall3322 Honway St., FW12/9/0400 
First and Last Tavern2534 New Haven Ave., FW7/13/0405 
First Baptist Church Soup
2323 W. Fairfield Ave., FW8/30/0400 
First Christian Church Food
4800 S. Calhoun St., FW8/20/0401 
First Stop3504 N. Anthony Blvd., FW10/20/041005
First Wayne St. UM FB300 E. Wayne St., FW7/28/0400 
Five Point Citgo702 E. Paulding Rd., FW10/4/0406 
Flanagan’s Restaurant &
6525 Covington Rd., FW8/24/041317
Flat Top Grill4150 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW11/5/041204
Flores Taqueria3204 E. Paulding Rd., FW11/12/042807, 23
Foellinger Theatre3411 Sherman Blvd., FWSeasonal   
Food Svc. Center1519 Catalpa St., FW10/28/0402 
Forever Friends Floral618 Broadway, NH7/21/0400 
Fort Wayne Flea Market4910 Avondale, FW10/22/0402 
Fort’s Famous Fish4602 Parnell Ave., FW9/22/041209
Forty & Eight7301 Decatur Rd., FW8/30/0403 
Foster Park Golf Course3900 Old Mill Rd., FW7/23/0400 
Foster Park Little LeagueHartman Rd. & Foster Park, FWSeasonal   
Foster’s Sports Pub4226 S. Clinton St., FW7/28/0401 
Four D’s Bar & Grill1820 W. Dupont Rd., FW7/19/0403 
Franciscan Center4643 Gaywood Dr., FW8/23/0401 
Franke Park Day Camp3411 Sherman Blvd., FWSeasonal   
Franke Park Marathon1130 Goshen Ave., FW9/20/0405 
Fraternal Order of Eagles
4940 Bluffton Rd., FW9/23/0403 
Fraternal Order of Eagles
11508 E. Lincoln Hwy., NH10/26/041417
Fraternal Order of Eagles
2730 Lofty Dr., FW9/20/0402 
Freedom Hall Concessions911 W. Washington Ctr. Rd., FW11/23/0400 
Fricker’s620 W. Washington Ctr. Rd., FW11/22/0401 
Ft. Miami Detachment MCL #17500 US Hwy. 930 E., FW11/1/0400 
Ft. Wayne Country Club5221 Covington Rd., FW11/9/0401 
Ft. Wayne Ctry. Cl. 10th Hl.
5221 Covington Rd., FWSeasonal   
Ft. Wayne Ctry. Club Pool
5221 Covington Rd., FW7/22/0400 
Ft. Wayne Halal Meat &
2322 Hobson Rd., FW11/1/0404 
Ft. Wayne Hilton Hotel1020 S. Calhoun St., FW12/15/0415136
Ft. Wayne Marriott/Red River305 E. Wash. Ctr. Rd., FW11/24/0404 
Ft. Wayne Museum of Art311 E. Main St., FW10/26/0400 
Ft. Wayne Navy Club #481602 Wells St., FW10/6/0401 
Ft. Wayne Rescue Mission301 W. Superior , FW+B46310/28/041607
Ft. Wayne Sport Club3102 Ardmore Ave., FW7/28/0400 
Ft. Wayne Turners3636 Parnell Ave., FW11/3/0400 
Ft. Wayne Vehicle Auction3600 E. Washington Blvd., FW11/23/0414296
FTW Children’s Zoo (Austr.)3411 Sherman Blvd., FWSeasonal   
FTW Children’s Zoo (Main
3411 Sherman Blvd., FWSeasonal   
Gabby’s15011 S.R. 1, Leo11/15/0402 
Gander Mountain6043 Lima Rd., FW11/2/0400 
Gateview Inn1341 Goshen Ave., FW9/24/0403 
GE Medical Protective5814 Reed Rd., FW11/18/0401 
General Electric Club Lanes1020 Swinney Ave., FW10/25/041023
General Motors Admin. Bldg.12200 Lafayette Ctr. Rd., Roa.11/10/0403 
General Motors Manuf. Bldg.12200 Lafayette Ctr. Rd., Roa.11/10/0408 
General Nutrition Center #3544201 Coldwater Rd., FW11/17/0400 
General Nutrition Ctr. #6987805 W. Lincoln Hwy., NH7/12/0400 
Geno’s Gyros4181 Hessen Cassel, FW11/1/041432
Geno’s King Gyros1020 W. Coliseum Blvd., FW7/7/041407
George’s Int’l Grocery2021 Broadway, FW12/13/0410303
Georgetown Donuts6328 E. State, FW12/9/0400 
Georgetown Little League6400 Trier Rd., FWSeasonal   
Georgetown Shell6321 E. State Blvd., FW7/7/0400 
Georgetowne Place Apartments1717 Maplecrest Rd., FW7/20/0402 
Gio’s6247 Bluffton Rd., FW9/20/0401 
Girardot’s Citgo121 W. South St., Monreoville7/12/0404 
Glenaqua Club Inc.5120 Desoto Dr., FWSeasonal   
Goeglein’s, Inc.7311 Maysville Rd., FW12/20/0415438
Golden China Restaurant1738 W. Wash. Ctr. Rd., FW8/19/041704
Golden Corral10510 Maplecrest Rd., FW12/14/0415294
Golden Corral4747 Lima Rd., FW7/27/041904
Golden Dragon Chinese6193 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW7/19/0406 
Golden Gate Chinese
1326 Minnich Rd., New Haven11/23/0403 
Gordon Food Service5507 Illinois Rd., FW11/9/0400 
Gordon Food Service5831 Cross Creek Blvd., FW11/22/0400 
Gourmet Breads 7 Sweets, LTD.2461 Hobson Rd., FW9/21/0400 
Gouty Servicenter, Inc.3500 Broadway, FW8/20/0400 
Grabill Dairy Sweet, Inc.13305 State St., Grabill9/9/0402 
Grace Lutheran Food Bank2940 S. Anthony, FW10/27/0402 
Grace Point Church of the
8611 Mayhew Rd., FW9/15/0400 
Grand Food Junction1415 N. Coliseum Blvd., FW11/2/0404 
Grand Saloon2908 Wayne Trace, FW7/29/0401 
Great Wall Buffet3824 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW11/12/041407
Green Frog Inn820 Spring St., FW10/13/0401 
Griffin’s BBQ2115 S Lafayette, FW8/24/0403 
Grile Admin. Cafeteria1200 S. Clinton, FW8/27/0400 
Grillmaster Choice Meats5436 Old Maumee Rd.12/29/0400 
Ground Level Caf III2890 E. Dupont Rd., FW11/12/0401 
Gulf Shore Grill10337 Illinois Rd., FW8/26/0402 
Hacienda Mexican Restaurant4541 Illinois Rd., FW8/30/042409, 32
Hainan House1820 Bluffton Rd., FW12/7/0410173
Hall’s Catering #71504 Bluffton Rd., FW12/3/0412136
Hall’s Coliseum Caf4233 N. Clinton, FW10/12/0404 
Hall’s Commissary Rest. #6216 Hwy. 30 W., New Haven11/23/0427219, 439
Hall’s Drive In #21502 Bluffton Rd., FW12/3/0412136
Hall’s Factory #85811 Coldwater Rd., FW9/3/041304
Halls’ Gas House #9305 E. Superior St., FW12/8/0406 
Hall’s Guest House1313 W. Wash. Ctr. Rd., FW11/1/041909
Hall’s Hollywood #114416 Lima Rd., FW12/8/04310136, 205, 303
Hall’s Prime Rib #52005 E. State St., FW9/8/041407
Hall’s Takes the Cake4727 N. Clinton St., FW7/28/0400 
Hall’s Triangle Park #133010 Trier Rd., FW12/30/0402 
Hametic Elks Lodge #4281530 Oxford St., FW12/30/0412329
Hamilton House2116 Butler Rd., FW11/29/0400 
Hamilton Park Little League1806 Poinsette Ave., FW7/8/0401 
Hampton Inn8219 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW9/21/0400 
Hampton Inn and Suites5702 Challenger Pkwy., FW10/13/0402 
Hardee’s of Ft. Wayne6279 E. State St., FW11/24/0400 
Hardee’s of Ft. Wayne7640 S. Anthony Blvd., FW8/11/0402 
Harding Little League6501 Wayne Trace Blvd., FWSeasonal   
Harlan Caf16707 SR 37, Harlan8/10/0403 
Harlan UMC Food Bank16434 S.R. 37, Harlan10/7/0400 
Harrington’s Specialty Foods5980 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW11/1/0402 
Hartley’s Place4301 S. Fairfield Ave., FW10/29/0401 
Harvester Missionary FB3331 Harvester, FW7/30/0400 
Haven Missionary Christian FB3109 Warsaw St., FW12/17/0400 
Havenhurst Softball
1125 Hartzell St., NHSeasonal   
Health Food Shoppe of Ft.
3515 N. Anthony Blvd., FW8/16/0400 
Heavenly Ham5709 St. Joe Rd., FW7/30/0401 
Henry’s Restaurant536 W. Main St., FW8/16/0409 
Heritage Park Commons2002 Heritage Park, FW11/18/0401 
Hickory Farms #131594201 Coldwater Rd., FW12/13/0411344
Hideaway6807 Elzey St., FW7/22/0402 
Hide-N-Seek’s Pub &
1008 N. Wells St., FW11/9/0404 
Higher Grounds630 E. Dupont Rd., FW8/13/0400 
Higher Grounds Coffee House6122 St. Joe Ctr. Rd., FW10/18/0403 
Higher Grounds Midtown101 W. Wayne St., FW7/30/0406 
Hilgers Farm Market13210 US 30 W., FW12/16/0411344
Hilger’s Farm Restaurant13210 US 30 W., FW12/15/0403 
Hill’s Meat Market3211 Lwr. Huntington Rd., FW10/13/0401 
Hilton Garden Inn8615 W. US 24, FW10/28/041133
Hitching Post1026 High St., FW10/8/042313, 17
Hoa Hung Oriental Grocery1940 S. Calhoun St., FW12/14/0413142
Hoagland Pizza & Pub14810 First St., Hoag.10/18/041704
Hobson Corners3202 E. State Blvd., FW11/9/0401 
Holiday Cinema 6931 Northcr. Shop. Ctr., FW12/23/0400 
Holiday Inn Express11205 Isabelle Dr., NH8/11/0400 
Holiday Inn Express5915 Ellison Rd., FW10/27/0400 
Holiday Inn FW/Downtown300 E. Washington Blvd., FW12/11/0412438
Honeybaked Ham Co.6410 W. Jefferson G-10, FW10/7/0400 
Hook & Ladder2616 Lwr. Huntington Rd., FW10/1/041217
Hoosier Pride Commissary518 Hayden St., FW12/2/0400 
Hooters Restaurant920 E. Coliseum Blvd., FW8/18/0405 
Hopsing’s6214 Stellhorn Rd., FW8/5/0402 
Hot Dogs1506 N. Harrison St., FW11/15/0400 
House of Hunan5626 Coldwater Rd., FW12/20/04213438, 439
Hungry For Home2120 S. Harrison St., FW12/7/0400 
Hungry Howie’s6410 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW12/20/0400 
Hungry Howie’s Pizza7002 Bluffton Rd., FW7/29/041133
Huntertown Hot Spot15509 Lima Rd., FW11/3/0403 
Huntertown Lions Little
15330 Lima Rd., HuntertownSeasonal   
Huntertown UM Food Bank16021 Lima Rd., FW12/28/0400 
Indiana Auto Auction, Inc.4425 W. Wash. Ctr. Rd., FW7/21/0400 
Indiana Culinary Institute2700 E. Maple Grove, FW10/4/0407 
Indiana Institute of
1600 E. Washington Blvd., FW10/25/042604, 23
Indiana Mexican Bakery1421 Wells St., FW12/9/0408 
Indulge7120 Homestead, FW12/1/0400 
Int’l House of Pancakes1535 W. Washington Ctr. Rd.,FW10/14/0404 
Int’l House of Pancakes #12454403 Coldwater Rd., FW10/29/0404 
Italian Connection2725 Taylor St., FW9/22/0400 
ITT TAC III1919 W. Cook Rd., FW12/14/0404 
ITT-Summit – Aramark7310 Innovation Blvd., FW12/10/0403 
Jack & Johnny’s1137 Wells St., FW11/18/0402 
Jag’s Bar & Grill8915 Lima Rd., FW9/2/0400 
Jamison Meats503 E. Dupont Rd., FW10/28/0400 
Jamison Meats, Inc.3424 N. Anthony Blvd., FW7/7/041104
Jamison Specialty Meats10311 Illinois Rd., FW9/8/0401 
Japanese Food Express, Inc.6309 Lima Rd., FW7/21/0401 
Java Depot3123 St. Joe Center Rd., FW8/5/0400 
Java Depot5920 Covington Rd., FW9/8/0400 
Jazmin’s Bar & Grill5921 Hessen Cassel, FW8/3/0402 
Jazz & Blues Club118 W. Columbia St., FW11/29/0404 
JD Shell8903 Lima Rd., FW8/19/0400 
Jeff’s Coney6330 E. State, FW12/21/0400 
Jennings Recreation Ctr.1330 McCulloch, FW9/1/0400 
Jenny Craig Weight Loss
4122 Lima Rd., FW12/15/0400 
Jerry’s Burger Dairy #2510 Lwr. Huntington Rd., FW8/13/0401 
Jerry’s Burger Dairy #44230 S. Fairfield Ave., FW8/13/0404 
Jim K’s Pizza6437 Bluffton Rd., FW11/2/041132
Jim’s Pizza22227 Main St., Woodburn11/17/0400 
JJ’s Deli9310 Lima Rd., FW10/12/041433
Jo Jo’s Variety Store3037 Goshen Rd., FW12/16/0400 
Joe’s Crab Shack5820 Coldwater Rd., FW12/22/0401 
Joseph’s Herbs & Vitamins10812 Coldwater Rd., FW7/14/0400 
JT’s Soul Food705 McKinnie Ave., FW9/30/041304
Julian’s Gourmet Pizza816 S. Calhoun St., FW8/19/0403 
Juno’s Joint5706 Decatur Rd., FW7/2/0401 
Just Between Friends2123 Trinity, Huntertown11/9/0400 
K & F Food Store1802 High St., FW11/22/0400 
Katie’s13312 Schwartz Rd., Grabill8/31/0400 
Kaysan’s7102 S. Anthony Blvd., FW12/14/0414294
Kaysan’s 5th Down5830 Challenger Pkwy., FW10/22/041404
Ken’s Meat Market846 E. Lincoln Hwy., New Haven11/3/0402 
Kentucky Fried Chicken1322 US 30 E., New Haven11/9/041213
Kentucky Fried Chicken1425 W. Wash. Ctr. Rd., FW10/28/04011 
Kentucky Fried Chicken3816 E. State., FW12/11/0422136, 336
Kentucky Fried Chicken4515 Maplecrest Rd., FW7/20/0403 
Kentucky Fried Chicken4901 S. Calhoun St., FW11/10/041204, 23
Kentucky Fried Chicken595 E. Dupont Rd., FW10/1/0400 
Kentucky Fried Chicken6046 Covington Rd., FW8/27/041023
Kentucky Fried Chicken6410 Bluffton Rd., FW12/3/0413345
Key Lanes2200 Goshen Rd., FW8/30/0408 
Kim’s Catering Commissary3701 S. Harrison, FW11/22/0400 
King Buffet322 E. Pettit Ave., FW8/3/046121,03,13,13,23,33
King Gyros302 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW10/8/041304
King Gyros814 Goshen Ave., FW8/4/0401 
Kingston @ Dupont1716 E. Dupont Rd., FW11/4/0400 
Kipfer Stop & Go2510 S. Coliseum, FW10/18/041533
Kitty Hawk Caf12602 Global Dr., Yoder12/2/0401 
Klemm’s Candlelite Caf1207 E. State Blvd., FW9/23/0404 
Klemm’s Kafe1429 Wells St., FW11/8/0404 
Klopfenstein Inn1212 Magnavox Way, FW7/14/041233
K-Mart #3254 (Little Caesars)820 N. Coliseum Blvd., FW10/25/0401 
K-Mart #4067 (Little Caesars)7530 S. Anthony Blvd., FW7/16/0401 
Knights of Columbus601 Reed Rd., FW12/30/0402 
Kohl’s Department Store835 E. Coliseum Blvd., FW11/24/0400 
Kohl’s Department Store #1101410 Apple Glen Blvd., FW12/22/0400 
Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corp.5412 Coldwater Rd., FW12/29/0415344
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts1310 Illinois Rd., FW12/9/0428303, 344
Kroger Co., J-857821 W. Lincoln Hwy., New Haven12/9/0405 
Kroger Co., J-929218 E. Pettit Ave., FW12/29/0413344
Kroger Co., J-932324 E. State St., FW9/15/041523
Kroger J-972601 E. Dupont Rd., FW11/3/0404 
Kroger J-9736002 St. Joe Ctr. Rd., FW12/1/0401 
Kroger J-9768801 US Hwy 24W, FW11/15/0413344
KyOdie’s1490 Griffin, FW8/24/0402 
L A Sports Bar/Sunset
6809 S. Hanna St., FW11/29/0403 
L.S. Ayres4201 Coldwater Rd., FW12/13/0400 
La Hacienda Restaurant3938 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW12/1/0419421
La Margarita Restaurant2713 S. Calhoun St., FW10/18/0403 
La Salle Bed & Breakfast517 W. Washington Blvd., FW11/30/0400 
La Tropicana3128 S. Lafayette St., FW12/13/0411324
LA Weight Loss Center6443 W. Jefferson, FW12/3/0400 
LA Weight Loss Centers5525-D Coldwater Rd., FW11/18/0400 
Lake Caf1535 N. Coliseum Blvd.12/20/0426136, 294
Lakeside Golf and Bowling746 N. Coliseum Blvd., FW10/29/0401 
Lambros Rib & Steak House303 E. Tillman Rd., FW9/24/0403 
Laotion Grocery and Gift3330 S. Calhoun St., FW8/13/041706
Laredo Restaurant1854 Broadway, FW8/10/0404 
Laredo Restaurante Y Cantina7312 S. Anthony Blvd., FW11/8/04010 
Laredo’s Commissary1616 Woodside Ave., FW11/8/0401 
Las Lomas2202 Fairfield Ave., FW12/2/0401 
Las Palmas2522 Brodway, FW7/27/0400 
Lassus/Handy Dandy #11803 E. Wayne St., FW12/12/0402 
Lassus/Handy Dandy #10411 E. Paulding Rd., FW8/30/0401 
Lassus/Handy Dandy #141630 Spy Run Ave., FW7/29/0403 
Lassus/Handy Dandy #155545 Stellhorn Rd., FW7/7/0401 
Lassus/handy Dandy #165917 Lima Rd., FW11/2/0401 
Lassus/Handy Dandy #23901 W. Coliseum Blvd., FW8/24/0401 
Lassus/Handy Dandy #246031 Hessen Cassel Rd., FW7/8/0402 
Lassus/Handy Dandy #28633 Broadway, New Haven10/5/0405 
Lassus/Handy Dandy #312925 E. Dupont Rd., FW12/8/0400 
Lassus/Handy Dandy #3212010 US Hwy. 24 W., FW11/16/0414438
Lassus/Handy Dandy #3910225 S.R. 148/23/041323
Lassus/Handy Dandy #42/Subway7405 Maplecrest Rd., FW9/14/0402 
Lassus/Handy Dandy #438724 US Hwy. 24 W., FW11/12/0403 
Lassus/Handy Dandy #56111 Bluffton Rd., FW8/9/0401 
Lassus/Handy Dandy #62239 N. Clinton St., FW8/10/0404 
Lassus/Handy Dandy #73604 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW7/13/0401 
Latch String Inn3221 N. Clinton, FW11/3/0407 
Latitudes538 E. Dupont Rd., FW11/24/0400 
Laub Food Mart #517013 SR 37, Harlan8/10/0400 
Laub’s Food Mart #214836 SR 1, Leo11/15/0401 
Laycoff’s3530 N. Clinton, FW8/16/0404 
Lee’s Famous Recipe220 E. Rudisill Blvd., FW11/10/041417
Lee’s Famous Recipe404 W. State, FW8/3/0408 
Lee’s Famous Recipe6316 Stellhorn Rd., FW7/14/0401 
Lee’s Famous
206 E. Collins Dr., FW12/2/0401 
Lees Inn5707 Challenger Pkwy., FW8/26/0400 
Legends Sports Bar4104 N. Clinton, FW11/24/0402 
Leo Caf15024 SR 1, Leo Rd., Leo12/6/0403 
Leo Pizza14515 Leo Rd., Leo12/3/0402 
Lester’s Party Room1504 Bluffton Rd., FW8/24/0401 
Lexy’s Pizza3031 W. Wash. Ctr. Rd., FW11/16/0402 
Lexy’s Pizza Den908 Spring St., FW10/13/0401 
Lexy’s Pizza III10346 Leo Rd., FW9/1/0401 
Lexy’s River Bend Pizza7410 St. Joe Rd., FW11/8/0400 
Libero Caf & Grill1336 Goshen Ave., FW9/13/0402 
Liberty Diner2929 Goshen Rd., FW11/18/04316136, 187, 294
Lincoln Tower Fountain116 E. Berry St., FW11/3/041223
Lincolnshire Ch. Of the
6404 S. Calhoun St., FW11/3/0400 
Linens ‘N Things, Inc.4122 Lima Rd., FW9/9/0400 
Link’s Wonderland1711 E. Creighton, FW11/4/0403 
Lion’s Den9700 St. Joseph, FW12/6/0402 
Little Bethlehem900 Pettit Ave., FW11/15/0402 
Little Burma3800 S. Lafayette St., FW11/4/0401 
Little Turtle’s Hillcrest
6700 US Hwy. 27 S., FW8/12/0401 
Loaf ‘N Ladle817 S. Calhoun St., FW11/1/0403 
Loco-N-Motion2801 Lwr. Huntington Rd., FW7/22/0400 
Logan’s Roadhouse1210 Illinois Rd., FW9/17/041323
Logan’s Roadhouse6617 Lima Rd., FW8/26/041317
Lombardo’s Lounge3516 Broadway, FW12/21/0403 
Lon Sen Chinese Buffet1583 W. Dupont Rd., FW11/2/0411104
Lone Star Steakhouse &
5525-H Coldwater Rd., FW8/23/0406 
Long John Silvers #3171910 E. Coliseum Blvd., FW10/13/0406 
Long John Silvers #34157505 S. Anthony Blvd., FW11/5/0402 
Loonie & Silly’s Country
3706 New Haven Ave., FW7/30/0400 
Loyal Order of Moose #1480432 Broadway, New Haven11/1/0401 
Loyd’s Grocery1236 Hugh St., FW12/9/0400 
Lunch Box Caf5722 Maplecrest, FW7/8/0401 
Lunz Reception Hall3333 Freeman, FW12/10/0401 
M & E Deli121 S. Water St., Monroeville9/20/0400 
Mac Food Mart10317 Bluffton Rd., FW8/2/0401 
Mac Food Mart12635 Coldwater Rd., FW7/26/0400 
Mac Food Mart6925 E. Hwy. 930, FW11/4/041219
Mad Anthony Brewing Co.2002 Broadway, FW12/22/0402 
Main Street Oasis22022 Main St., Woodburn10/5/0401 
Main Street Pizza Gallery100 Main St., Monroeville12/1/0400 
Mama Mia’s Pizza1525 W. Dupont Rd., FW11/10/0405 
Mama Mia’s Pizza6656-A St. Joe Rd., FW8/24/0404 
Mancino’s2892 E. Dupont Rd., FW10/25/0400 
Mancino’s Pizza &
1025 W. Coliseum Blvd., FW8/25/0400 
Manila Grill9169 Lima Rd., FW7/8/041117
Mannie’s2302 S. Calhoun St., FW11/24/0403 
Maples Inn8225 Franke Rd., FW10/12/0402 
Marco’s Pizza5905 Bluffton Rd., FW7/23/0403 
Marco’s Pizza #1034910349 Illinois Rd., FW10/7/041132
Marco’s Pizza #551612 St. Joe Ctr. Rd., FW8/19/0401 
Marco’s Pizza #701010 Spring St., FW11/3/0400 
Marco’s Pizza #875825 Maplecrest Rd., FW7/29/0402 
Mark’s City Market3230 Fairfield Ave., FW8/20/0402 
Mark’s City Market5501 S. Anthony Blvd., FW9/30/0403 
Marsh Supermarket7301 Maplecrest Rd., FW11/12/0401 
Marshall Field’s4201 Coldwater Rd., FW9/29/0400 
Marty’s Concessions4201 N. Wells St., FW11/16/0401 
Maumee Valley Golf Club216 N. Rufus St., New Haven7/19/0400 
May Sen Chinese Buffet10520 Maysville11/29/0414439
McDonald’s10420 Maysville Rd., FW8/24/041217
McDonald’s3940 E. State Blvd., FW10/15/0403 
McDonald’s515 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW10/27/0403 
McDonald’s #20975796 Coventry Lane, FW9/2/043304, 09, 17
McDonald’s #23931210 E. Dupont Rd., FW11/29/0411439
McDonald’s #52156810 Bluffton Rd., FW11/19/0404 
McDonald’s #57687502 Lincoln Hwy. E., FW11/1/0402 
McDonald’s #5769255 E. Coliseum Blvd., FW9/27/0402 
McDonald’s #61426131 Stellhorn Rd., FW8/31/0403 
McDonald’s #66925703 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW11/10/0402 
McDonald’s #67611333 W. Wash. Ctr. Rd., FW9/17/0404 
McDonald’s #68221103 Goshen Rd., FW9/13/0403 
McDonald’s #695610310 Illinois Rd., FW12/13/0401 
McDonald’s #72643010 W. Coliseum Blvd., FW8/23/0402 
McDonald’s #7576202 E. Rudisill Blvd., FW7/27/042531, 31
McDonald’s Restaurant3202 St. Joe Ctr. Rd., FW7/7/0402 
McKinnie Tap626 McKinnie Ave.12/9/0403 
McMillen Ice Arena3901 Abbott, FW11/29/0402 
McMillen Park Golf Course3900 Hessen Cassel Rd., FW8/27/041105
Meijer #1246309 Lima Rd., FW12/15/0408 
Meijer #1255909 Illinois Rd., FW12/2/0400 
Meijer #13810301 SR 37, FW12/7/0401 
Meijer Gas Station #1246309 Lima Rd., FW8/3/0400 
Meijer Gas Station #1255903 Illinois Rd., FW10/29/0400 
Meijer Gas Station #13810301 SR 37, FW10/15/0401 
Memory Lane Productions4201 Coldwater Rd., FW12/29/0400 
Menard’s5511 Meijer Dr., FW10/29/0400 
Menard’s6310 Illinois Rd., FW12/22/0400 
Mi Pueblo2419 W. Jefferson, FW10/12/041232
Michael Ray’s Food &
2808 Maplecrest Rd., FW9/9/0404 
Mick’s Rec. Room2488 Getz Rd., FW7/28/0402 
Mid City Grill1802 Spy Run Ave., FW10/20/041919
Midwest Surplus1726 Bluffton Rd., FW7/7/041005
Miguel’s Mexican Restaurant1531 Goshen Ave., FW***   
Milan Center Feed & Grain15303 Doty Rd., New Haven8/17/0400 
Miller’s Country Store11205 Roth Rd., Grabill12/20/0400 
Millers Scales & Food
3911 Mobile Ave., FW10/26/0400 
Millie’s Caf105 Lincoln Hwy., New Haven8/16/0402 
Minnie’s Diner6433 Bluffton Rd., FW11/2/0402 
Misono2882 E. Dupont Rd., FW11/10/0402 
Miss Virginia’s Mission House1312 S. Hanna, FW11/30/0400 
MJ’s Pizza3311 E. State Blvd., FW7/2/0402 
Mo Betta Ribs & More413 W. Paulding Rd., FW11/18/0401 
Moments in Time Cakery14613 Lima Rd., FW12/8/0402 
Mom’s Handy Pantry5700 Bluffton Rd., FW10/15/04012 
Monroeville Youth LeagueMonroeville Park, Mnrvl.Seasonal   
Morning Glory Bed &
4011 Bostic Rd., FW11/17/0400 
Mother Hubbards13743 State St., Grabill12/29/0400 
Mozzarelli’s Pizza1820 W. Dupont Rd., FW11/15/0400 
Mr. Coney4525 Coldwater Rd., FW11/8/0404 
Mrs. Field’s Original Cookie4201 Coldwater Rd., FW8/23/0404 
Muldoon’s3620 E. Yoder Rd., FW9/13/0400 
Munchie Emporium2910 Maplecrest Rd., FW12/17/0408 
Munchie Emporium622 E. Dupont Rd., FW8/20/0406 
Naked Clay Caf4240 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW12/2/0400 
Naked Clay Caf5925 N. Clinton St., FW9/20/0403 
National Cigar123 W. Main St., FW11/23/0402 
Navy Club Ship #245412 Broadway, NH11/1/0400 
New China Garden5745 St. Joe Rd., FW11/29/0405 
New Creations Food Bank1651 Cass St., FW10/13/0401 
New Haven Bakery915 E. Lincoln Hwy., NH8/16/0401 
New Haven Baseball ConcessionW. Main St.-Moser Park, NHSeasonal   
New Haven Custom Meats2616 Ryan Rd., NH7/20/0400 
New Haven Emm. Luth. Food Bk.800 Green St., NH7/20/0401 
New Haven Subway411 U.S. Hwy. 30 E., NH10/19/0403 
New Hong Kong3245 St. Joe Ctr. Rd., FW12/28/0404 
New Joshua Full Gospel Church4119 Lafayette St., FW***   
New Star of India10020-F Lima Rd., FW7/21/0406 
New York Style Steak4201 Coldwater Rd., FW12/27/0404 
Nickles Bakery3674 N. Wells St., FW7/6/0401 
Nine Mile Restaurant13398 U.S. 27 S., FW10/4/04014 
Nissi5205 Decatur Rd., FW11/3/0403 
Nolt Family Dinner Haus12530 Cuba Rd., Grabill12/17/0400 
North Amer. Van Lines, HQ5001 U.S. Hwy. 30 W., FW11/10/0400 
North Highlands Hi Rise2100 St. Mary’s Ave., FW10/20/0400 
North Star Bar & Grill2915 E. State St., FW8/23/0402 
North Suburban Food Bank5201 Camden Dr., FW8/9/0400 
Northwood Bar & Grill6035 Stellhorn Rd., FW9/3/0401 
Northwood Cinema Grill6069 Stellhorn Rd., FW8/25/0401 
Nutcracker Sweet Shoppe1314 Garfield St., FW7/22/041107
O’Brien’s Pub1927 S. Calhoun St., FW7/14/0405 
O’Charley’s6709 Lima Rd., FW10/6/041404
O’Charley’s #3491220 S. Illinois Rd., FW10/26/0402 
Office Tavern, Inc.3306 Brooklyn Ave., FW8/24/0403 
Old #3 Firehouse Caf226 W. Washington Blvd., FW7/6/0401 
Country Buffet
5507 Coldwater Rd., FW10/27/0401 
Old Crowne Coffee Roasters3410 N. Anthony, FW8/2/0402 
Old Towne Tavern2145 Taylor, FW8/9/0401 
Oley’s Pizza10910 U.S. 24 W., FW11/16/0400 
Oley’s Pizza1427 N. Coliseum Blvd., FW8/10/0402 
Omega Restaurant720 E. Coliseum Blvd., FW8/9/042709, 33
On the Board Dogs1506 N. Harrison St., FW9/14/0400 
Opus 246328 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW7/13/042519, 23
Orchard Ridge C. C. Clubhouse4531 Lwr. Huntington Rd., FW9/24/04014 
Orchard Ridge C.C. HWH #14531 Lwr. Huntington Rd., FW9/24/0403 
Orchard Ridge Pool Snack Bar4531 Lwr. Huntington Rd., FW9/24/0400 
Oriental Seafood Buffet212 E. Wash. Ctr. Rd., FW7/8/041933
O’Sullivans Italian Pub1808 W. Main St., FW9/13/0402 
Our Daily Brew4201 Coldwater Rd., FW11/17/0400 
Outback Steakhouse4910 N. Clinton, FW11/1/0402 
Outback Steakhouse5455 Coventry Lane, FW10/29/0402 
Oxford One Stop3003 Oxford St., FW9/17/0400 
P & R Express10847 Isabelle Dr., New Haven7/26/0400 
Pair-A-Dice3131 E. Pontiac St., FW7/6/041223
Pak-A-Sak8841 Lima Rd., FW8/12/0402 
Pam’s Epicurean Delights,
7517 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW12/15/0400 
Panchero’s4130 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW9/29/041132
Panda Express4130 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW7/12/0400 
Panda Express4201 Coldwater Rd., FW10/11/0402 
Panda Grill Buffet3939 E. State, FW11/4/042509, 23
Panera Bread4110 W. Jefferson, Ste. D-14, FW10/12/041232
Panera Bread526 E. Coliseum, FW11/2/041132
Papa John’s Pizza1575-B Goshen Ave., FW7/1/0401 
Papa John’s Pizza2428 Getz Rd., FW9/15/0402 
Papa John’s Pizza2616 Maplecrest Rd., FW7/7/0401 
Papa John’s Pizza5440 Coldwater Rd., FW7/21/0402 
Papa John’s Pizza6233 Bluffton Rd., FW9/22/041323
Papa John’s Pizza887 Lincoln Hwy. W, NH8/25/041117
Papa Murphy’s533 E. Dupont Rd., FW7/2/0400 
Papa Murphy’s6214 St. Joe. Ctr. Rd., FW7/19/0400 
Park Edelweiss3355 Elmhurst Dr., FW12/17/0400 
Park Place Grill200 E. Main St., Ste. 120, FW8/26/042717, 32
Parkview Office Caf10501 Corporate Dr., FW10/28/0400 
Patterson Hardware880 E. SR 930, New Haven7/26/0400 
Paula’s on Main1732 W. Main St., FW12/3/0415136
Pauly’s Wings & Grinders5820 Challenger Pkwy., FW8/10/0400 
Peanuts Food ‘N Spirits5731 St. Joe Rd., FW7/27/0402 
Peddler’s Corner13329 Main St., Grabill***   
Penguin Point #39, Inc.7303 Winchester Rd., FW11/15/0422136, 415
Pepperchini’s14435 Lima Rd., FW7/29/041817
Perfection/Sunbeam Thrift350 Pearl St., FW7/29/0400 
Phelps on Main22315 Main St., Woodburn11/17/0413171
Phil’s Deli Mart1810 W. Coliseum Blvd., FW10/6/0400 
Phil’s Diner3730 W. Washington Blvd., FW12/2/0414294
Phil’s Northway Deli10330 Leo Rd., FW7/27/0401 
Phil’s Sun Mart3540 St. Joe Ctr. Rd., FW7/23/0401 
Pier 1 Imports #3441750 Apple Glen Blvd., FW11/4/0400 
Pier 1 Imports #7864224 Coldwater Rd., FW8/26/0400 
Piere’s Grand Affairs5675 St. Joe Rd., FW8/24/0404 
Pine Valley Bar & Grill918 Woodland Plaza Run, FW8/4/041419
Pine Valley Country Club10900 Pine Mills Rd., FW10/8/041017
Pine Valley Country Club
10900 Pine Mills Rd., FWSeasonal   
Pine Valley Country Club
10900 Pine Mills Rd., FWSeasonal   
Pio Market, II1225 E. State St., FW10/25/0402 
Pizza By Vito’s4339 S. Anthony, FW8/3/0405 
Pizza Hut #94911 S. Calhoun St., FW11/18/0422415, 439
Pizza Hut of Ft. Wayne #13820 E. State St., FW12/7/0401 
Pizza Hut of Ft. Wayne #105801 S. Anthony Blvd., FW7/8/042233, 33
Pizza Hut of Ft. Wayne #11701 E. Coliseum Blvd., FW10/28/0401 
Pizza Hut of Ft. Wayne #125735 Coventry Lane, FW11/4/042204, 09
Pizza Hut of Ft. Wayne #1410302 Coldwater Rd., FW7/6/041104
Pizza Hut of Ft. Wayne #156809 Bluffton Rd., FW10/22/0401 
Pizza Hut of Ft. Wayne #25801 St. Joe Rd., FW8/11/041117
Pizza Hut of Ft. Wayne #36039 Stellhorn Rd., FW10/15/041107
Pizza Hut of Ft. Wayne #41233 W. State Blvd., FW8/18/0402 
Pizza Hut of Ft. Wayne #56040 Covington Rd., FW9/29/0402 
Pizza Hut of Ft. Wayne #61440 Highway 30 E., NH11/9/043517, 17, 32
Pizza King #684226 Bluffton Rd., FW8/6/0401 
Pizza Station1806 N. Coliseum, FW11/15/0401 
PJ’s Sports Pub & Grub5520 Decatur Rd., FW12/22/0404 
Platinum Show Club9439 Lima Rd., FW10/12/041633
Pond-A-River Golf Club, Inc.26025 River Rd., Wdbrn.10/26/0400 
Ponderosa Steakhouse4411 Coldwater Rd., FW11/12/041623
Pontiac Shell2702 S. Clinton St., FW10/20/042308, 32
Poor John’s1407 S. Calhoun St., FW11/29/0401 
Pop Shop1241 W. Main St., FW10/11/0400 
Popeye’s Chicken10316 Maysville Rd., FW8/17/0404 
Popeye’s Chicken &
2615 S. Clinton St., FW8/19/0403 
Posey Shoppe Florist5661 Coventry Ln., FW12/13/0400 
Powers Hamburgers1402 S. Harrison St., FW12/17/0401 
Premier Food Svc.1300 S. Clinton, FW7/19/041317
Pro Bowl West Bowling1455 Goshen Rd., FW9/21/041909
Puccini’s4210 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW10/5/0404 
Pumper’s Cloverleaf Bar1818 S. Coliseum Blvd., FW7/12/041423
Putt Putt Golf & Games4530 Speedway Dr., FW11/16/0400 
Quality Hotels3330 W. Coliseum Blvd., FW10/28/0408 
Queenie Mae’s1714 Pontiac St., FW11/24/0404 
Quixote Hills14013 Emmanuel Rd., Hoag.10/19/0401 
Quizno’s Subs1818 Carew St., FW7/19/041117
Quizno’s Subs4130 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW7/13/0402 
Quizno’s Subs4728 Coldwater Rd., FW11/2/0403 
Quizno’s Subs6415 Lima Rd., FW10/26/0401 
Quizno’s Subs6533 E. State, FW10/27/041317
Rack & Helen’s Bar525 Broadway, NH11/17/0420294, 344
Raimondo’s Pizza2608 W. State St., FW9/9/0406 
Rally’s3906 E. State St., FW12/22/0413171
Rally’s4810 Coldwater Rd., FW8/9/0402 
Rally’s6139 Stellhorn Rd., FW7/16/041032
Rally’s #2876022 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW9/22/041732
Rally’s #357359 W. Lincoln Hwy., NH11/2/0402 
Rally’s Hamburgers #2955607 S. Anthony, FW8/9/042004, 07
Rally’s Restaurant #277320 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW10/12/041532
Rave4250 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW11/16/0405 
Ray’s Snack Bar1108 E. Pontiac, FW11/5/0404 
Red Angel Pizza6205 Plantation Ln., FW12/30/0400 
Red Cedar Center3900 Hursh Rd., FWSeasonal   
Red Lobster Restaurant #764825 Coldwater Rd., FW11/8/0405 
Red Robin4201 Coldwater Rd., FW7/19/041309
Red Star Tavern4240 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW9/22/041319
Redwood Inn1432 W. Main St., FW12/10/0413324
Regency Inn1004 Coliseum Blvd., FW11/1/0400 
Renaissance Restaurant1033 E. Tillman Rd., FW12/6/0403 
Residence Inn by Marriott4919 Lima Rd., FW12/6/0400 
Residence Inn South7811 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW11/16/0401 
Rib Room1235 E. State St., FW11/8/042507, 09
Rib Room Express, Inc.415 E. Dupont Rd., FW11/23/04411191, 295, 345, 415
Rice’s Sun Mart12244 MacKenzie, NH11/22/0403 
Richard’s Bakery1130 Wells St., FW11/4/0402 
Richard’s Restaurant11155 Isabelle Dr., NH11/23/0411171
Richard’s Restaurant2912 Getz Rd., FW9/23/0403 
Richard’s Restaurant #4717 W. Wash. Ctr. Rd., FW9/22/041433
Rich’s Caf3411 Lwr. Hunt. Rd., FW12/8/0412303
Rich’s Caf613 Broadway, NH8/16/0401 
Ricker’s14309 Leo Rd., FW9/22/0401 
Rickers #50909 E. Coliseum Blvd., FW8/23/0401 
Rickers #511316 US 30 East, New Haven8/19/042614, 34
Rickers #535823 Coldwater Rd., FW7/30/0400 
Rickers #555916 St. Joe Rd., FW10/1/0400 
Rickers #566044 US 24 W., FW10/22/0404 
Rickers #573833 S. Calhoun St., FW9/1/0401 
Ritter’s6501 E. State St., FW12/14/0401 
Ritter’s Frozen Custard1611 W. Dupont Rd., FW9/3/0402 
River Tavern1201 W. Main St., FW11/22/0400 
Riverbend Deli Mart7440 St. Joe Rd., FW10/14/0405 
Riverbend Golf Course7207 St. Joe Rd., FW9/28/0401 
Rmy’s Family Restaurant3402 Wayne Trace, FW11/15/0400 
Roberta’s Lounge2723 S. Calhoun St., FW12/13/0402 
Rock ‘N Horse9157 Lima Rd., FW12/3/0403 
Roller Dome North444 W. Coliseum, FW12/9/0400 
Roller Dome South4540 Bluffton Rd., FW11/2/0403 
Roly Poly120 W. Wayne St., FW10/14/041533
Roly Poly7529 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW9/3/0401 
Roots Camp’N Ski Haus6844 N. Clinton St., FW8/19/0400 
Royal Garden10366 Leo Rd., FW11/22/0422171, 419
Ruby Tuesday1050 E. Coliseum Blvd., FW11/5/041333
Rustic Hutch4110 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW12/17/0400 
Rustic Hutch6544 E. State, FW12/21/0400 
Ryan’s Family Steakhouse4230 N. Clinton St., FW11/22/0405 
S & V Liquors1337 E. State Blvd., FW7/12/0400 
S & V Liquors401 E. Lincoln Hwy., NH7/19/0401 
S & V Liquors5714 Maplecrest Rd., FW12/22/0401 
S & V Liquors6721 Bluffton Rd., FW8/2/0401 
Saigon Oriental Grocery3610 S. Calhoun St., FW10/5/0404 
Saigon Restaurant2006 S. Calhoun St., FW12/21/0402 
Sakura Japanese Restaurant5828 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW10/25/0402 
Salem Mart Marathon3208 E. Coliseum, FW12/12/0402 
Salomon Farm Market817 W. Dupont Rd., FW9/8/0400 
Sam’s Club #63136610 Lima Rd., FW12/1/0401 
Sandi & Darryl’s15315 Lima Rd., Huntertown10/5/0409 
Sarah Care2402 Beacon St., FW7/2/041019
Sarah’s Family Restaurant5792 Coventry Ln., FW9/3/041732
Sarku Japan4201 Coldwater Rd., FW9/27/041232
Save-A-Lot Foods1840 Bluffton Rd., FW10/28/041433
Save-A-Lot Foods #21551 Goshen Rd., FW10/5/0403 
Saylor’s Hometown Diner &
1235 Runnion Ave., FW11/22/0412187
Saylor’s Pizza1122 Taylor St., FW12/21/0403 
Sbarro4201 Coldwater Rd., FW11/3/0411033
Schlotsky’s Deli4610 Coldwater Rd., FW8/3/041332
Schmucker’s Produce Farm12815 Doty Rd., NH8/17/0400 
Scott Bakery and Deli1320 E. State St., FW11/18/0402 
Scott’s10230 Chestnut Plaza Dr., FW11/30/0400 
Scott’s Food Store #107008 Bluffton Rd., FW12/8/0421188, 439
Scott’s Food Store #121125 W. State St., FW12/6/0424139, 438
Scott’s Food Store #154522 Maplecrest Rd., FW12/15/0403 
Scott’s Food Store #165725 Coventry Lane, FW11/29/0402 
Scott’s Food Store #256310 E. State, FW12/29/0401 
Scott’s Food Store #261302 Minnich Rd., NH12/13/0422139, 344
Scott’s Food Store #283109 N. Anthony Blvd., FW11/2/0403 
Scott’s Food Store #3710 E. Dupont Rd., FW11/17/0405 
Scott’s Food Store #45300 Decatur Rd., FW11/22/0404 
Scott’s Food Store #54120 N. Clinton St., FW12/29/04124345
Seoul Garden1820 Coliseum Blvd. W., FW11/16/0405 
Shady Nook2834 Parnell Ave., FW7/9/0403 
Shangri-La Show Club2440 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW11/15/0418324
Sharon’s Diner5607 St. Joe Rd., FW10/18/0403 
Shee Kri Style Acad. of Dance5740 Coventry Lane, FW11/17/0400 
Shiloh Hall3127 Carroll Rd., FW12/21/0400 
Shinaberry Hall4630 E. Paulding Rd., FW8/10/0401 
Shoaff Park Golf Course6401 St. Joe Rd., FW9/17/0400 
Shopoff’s Steakhouse12012 U.S. 24 W., FW12/22/0400 
Showgirl2910 Goshen Rd., FW10/22/0401 
Showgirl III930 E. Coliseum Blvd., FW10/27/041023
Si Senor5907 Covington Rd., FW10/19/041323
Siam’s918 Woodland Run, FW8/16/0403 
Side Pocket Pub2820 Maplecrest Rd., FW7/1/0401 
Signature Inn1734 W. Wash. Ctr. Rd., FW9/9/0402 
Sindbad Int’l. Grocery3219 E. State, FW12/27/0405 
Singh’s Store, Inc.951 Werling Rd., FW10/25/041505
Siri Clark1011 Broadway, FW12/7/0402 
Six Mile Place7405 Wayne Trace Blvd., FW10/28/0402 
Skimos Catering431 W. Berry St., FW11/29/0401 
Sleep Inn & Suites2881 E. Dupont Rd., FW12/14/0400 
Sluyter House13707 Fairview, Grabill12/13/0400 
Smith & Hines Bistro819 S. Calhoun St., FW11/29/0403 
Smith Field Express6520 Lima Rd., FW7/16/041323
Smith Food Service Plaza3324 Spring St., FW12/13/0400 
Smokey Bones BBQ Sport Bar1203 Apple Glen Blvd., FW9/15/041223
Smokey Joe’s4000 Parnell Ave., FW7/4/0402 
Snickerz5535 St. Joe Rd., FW12/16/0400 
Snyder Distributing, Inc.4025 Option Pass, FW8/16/0402 
Sodexho – USF Student Center2701 Spring St., FW10/27/0400 
Sodexho Marriott-Verizon3301 Wayne Trace., FW11/17/0403 
Sodexho Marriott-Verizon8001 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW10/4/0401 
Sodexho/St. Francis-Doermer2701 Spring St., FW10/14/0400 
Sodexho/St. Francis-Trinity2701 Spring St., FW10/14/041132
Sombra’s Food Market2401 Covington Rd., FW9/30/0401 
Sonic Drive-In6111 Lima Rd., FW7/23/0405 
Sophie’s Crepe Bistro4110 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW9/17/0400 
Souder’s General Store13535 Main St., Grabill11/5/0401 
South Bend Chocolate Co.4201 Coldwater Rd., FW12/14/0400 
Southside Market Lunch Bar3300 Warsaw St., FW8/28/0405 
Southtown Deli1721 E. Tillman Rd., FW7/9/0405 
Southtown Inn6811 Old Decatur Rd., FW10/20/041232
Southwest Conservation Club5703 Bluffton Rd., FW10/12/0401 
Sparky Mart11310 Old Decatur Rd., FW11/12/0403 
Speed-Ease5001 W. US Hwy 30, FW11/10/0400 
Speedway #12142302 Fairfield Ave., FW10/18/0402 
Speedway #52272702 E. Dupont Rd., FW9/16/0401 
Speedway #6148612 E. Pettit Ave., FW7/21/0401 
Speedway #70702111 Sherman Blvd., FW8/18/0400 
Speedway #75523333 St. Joe Ctr. Rd., FW10/27/0400 
Speedway Concessions4720 Speedway Dr., FW8/23/041007
Speedway/Starvin’ Marvin
6205 Illinois Rd., FW11/2/0400 
Speedway/Starvin’ Marvin
3210 Stellhorn Rd., FW9/24/0402 
Speedway/Starvin’ Marvin
6033 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW7/21/0402 
Speedway/Starvin’ Marvin
1222 N. Coliseum Blvd., FW12/12/0402 
Speedway/Starvin’ Marvin
7114 Bluffton Rd., FW8/18/0402 
Speedway/Starvin’ Marvin
103 E. Lincoln Hwy., New Haven11/3/0401 
Spiece Fitness5310 Merchandise Dr., FW11/23/0412303
Splendid Fare1126 Oneida St., FW11/17/0403 
Spoon’s Bistro6360 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW10/6/041233
Sports & Spirits1723 E. Wayne St., FW7/29/0401 
Sports Gallery Lounge6770 E. State Blvd., FW10/19/0404 
Sportsmans Bar & Grill1234 Wells St., FW9/3/0405 
Sportster’s Bar & Grill107 W. South St., Monroeville7/7/0400 
Spyro’s Pancake House4410 Bluffton Rd., FW12/6/0410187
Square Indique5462 Coldwater Rd., FW12/8/0401 
St. Alban’s Church Food Bank7308 St. Joe Rd., FW10/8/0400 
St. Andrews Soup Kitchen2717 New Haven Ave., FW12/27/0400 
St. Joe Athletic Club817 Anderson Ave., FW8/13/0401 
St. Joe Central Little League6300 St. Joe Ctr. Rd., FWSeasonal   
St. Joe Hessen Cassel FB11337 Old US 27, FW10/6/0400 
St. Mark’s Luth. Food Bank201 E. South St., Monr.11/16/0400 
St. Mary’s Soup Kitchen1101 S Lafayette St., FW7/13/0400 
St. Matthews Ev. Luth. Food
2305 Goshen Rd., FW11/17/0410139
St. Patrick’s Food Bank2120 S. Harrison, FW10/20/0401 
St. Therese Church FB2304 Lwr. Hunt. Rd., FW10/21/0400 
Stadium Bar & Grill2635 Goshen Rd., FW9/28/04399, 11, 23
Stage Door Lounge & Snack
1712 Bluffton Rd., FW10/12/0403 
Staggers109 South St., Mnrvl.7/21/043404, 07, 23
Starbucks Coffee6403 Lima Rd., FW10/25/0400 
Starbuck’s Coffee5723 Coventry Lane, FW11/1/0401 
Starbuck’s Coffee #25264120 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW9/16/041223
State Bar & Grill1210 E. State, FW7/16/0402 
Statewood Baptist Church FB2208 N. Coliseum Blvd., FW7/21/0401 
Steak ‘N Shake5303 Coldwater Rd., FW7/29/0401 
Steak ‘N Shake5401 Meijer Dr., FW8/6/041407
Steak ‘N Shake6019 Illinois Rd., FW11/8/042509, 32
Stein Mart10202 Coldwater Rd., FW12/6/0400 
Stein Mart6325 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW10/25/0400 
Stein Tavern & Restaurant3418 Wayne Trace, FW8/17/0404 
Stewies4030 Coldwater Rd., FW10/19/0401 
Stiver’s Southside Caf3028 S. Calhoun St., FW11/22/0400 
Strazlo’s Deli & Pub5707 Coventry Lane, FW7/8/0402 
Subway10340 Leo Rd., FW11/4/0400 
Subway10365 Illinois Rd., FW10/5/041133
Subway10462 Maysville Rd., FW11/18/0400 
Subway1328 N. Coliseum Blvd., FW11/15/0405 
Subway14513-A SR 1, Leo12/20/0403 
Subway14605 Lima Rd., FW11/5/041123
Subway1575-A Goshen Rd., FW9/2/0403 
Subway1710 Apple Glen Blvd., FW10/26/0401 
Subway22399 Hickory St., Woodburn12/22/0410294
Subway301 W. Jefferson, FW8/12/041633
Subway3123 E. State, FW7/2/0402 
Subway3710 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW9/21/0400 
Subway3826 S. Calhoun St., FW7/30/0403 
Subway4201 Coldwater Rd., FW7/16/0402 
Subway425 E. Paulding Rd., FW7/21/0400 
Subway5753 St. Joe Rd., FW11/30/0400 
Subway6302 Illinois Rd., FW10/22/0400 
Subway6420 E. State, FW8/9/0402 
Subway6807 Lima Rd., FW8/18/0401 
Subway #11416016 Stellhorn Rd., FW9/23/0404 
Subway #12994382 Bluffton Rd., FW7/28/041333
Subway #858680 E. Coliseum Blvd., FW7/27/041117
Subway Sandwiches714 E. Dupont Rd., FW7/27/0402 
Subway Sandwiches7211 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW9/28/042132, 33
Summer Sno2426 Crescent Ave., FWSeasonal   
Summer Song, Inc.4225 Earth Drive, FW9/27/0401 
Summit Club110 W. Berry St., FW12/7/0400 
Sun Rise Caf10812 Coldwater Rd., FW10/28/041007
Super 8 Motel522 E. Coliseum Blvd., FW12/28/0400 
Super China Buffet6045 Stellhorn Rd., FW10/12/0402 
Super Market Los Lagos417 W. Creighton, FW10/7/046301, 03, 03, 03, 19, 33
Sweet Treats5700 Bluffton Rd., FW10/15/0403 
Sycamore Hills Golf Club11836 Covington Rd., FW9/30/0400 
Sycamore Hills Golf Club/HWH11836 Covington Rd., FW9/30/0400 
Sycamore Hills Swim &
Rac. Club
1511 Sycamore Hills Dr., FWSeasonal   
Szechuan House810 N. Coliseum Blvd., FW12/28/04412136, 173, 303, 439
T.G.I. Friday’s4201 Coldwater Rd., FW12/16/0401 
Taco Bell12244-B MacKenzie Dr., NH11/22/0403 
Taco Bell340 W. Jefferson, FW10/27/0404 
Taco Bell #20814201 Coldwater Rd., FW7/21/0401 
Taco Bell #214966608 Lima Rd., FW8/19/0403 
Taco Bell #23324747 Coldwater Rd., FW9/8/0402 
Taco Bell #36353320 St. Joe Ctr. Rd., FW8/18/0402 
Taco Bell #38576211 Stellhorn Rd., FW8/2/0401 
Taco Bell #42285321 S. Anthony Blvd., FW7/12/0401 
Taco Bell #43396343 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW9/28/0403 
Taco Bell #44802020 N. Coliseum Blvd., FW12/11/0411438
Taco Cabana301 E. Wash. Ctr. Rd., FW8/11/041517
Tah Cum Wah #1 (Bar)1701 Freeman St., FWSeasonal   
Taiwan Express820 Goshen Rd., FW7/6/0401 
TAJ Food & Gifts6410 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW8/30/0400 
Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant6410 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW8/27/0401 
Tall Oaks Hi Rise7300 Decatur Rd., FW7/6/0400 
Taqueria-Coahuila3123 S. Clinton, FW9/23/0405 
Target #1346119 Stellhorn Rd., FW11/10/0400 
Target Store T01143801 Coldwater Rd., FW8/5/0400 
Target T01157601 S. Anthony Blvd., FW7/1/0400 
Tasty King Gyros5407 S. Anthony Blvd., FW8/25/0411523
Tasty Pizza4302 Fairfield Ave., FW9/9/0406 
Tasty Pizza, Inc.2727 E. State St., FW12/1/0416171
TCBY6422 E. State, FW8/23/0401 
TCBY Yogurt6425 W. Jefferson, FW8/27/0400 
Tea Thyme Tea Room13731 State St., GrabillSeasonal   
Tennessee Mart1450 St. Joe Blvd., FW7/19/041332
Teriyaki Express6409 Lima Rd., FW7/13/041719
Texas Roadhouse710 W. Washington Ctr. Rd., FW11/9/041704
Thanh Caf2310 S. Calhoun St., FW11/3/0401 
The 412 Club412 E. Washington Blvd., FW7/19/041517
The Bagel Station3009 E. State Blvd., FW9/29/0401 
The Baker’s Dozen11911 Water St., Harlan8/10/0405 
The Barl10336 Leo Rd., FW11/3/0407 
The Cappuccino Connection1824 W. Dupont Rd., FW8/27/041117
The Carriage House3327 Lake Ave., FW9/17/0402 
The Church in Jesus Christ3425 Winter St., FW11/30/0402 
The Corner Cupboard1406 Tecumseh, FW9/3/0400 
The Country Oasis, Inc.16817 US 24 E., Woodburn11/5/0410 
The Dawg House919 Middle St., NH11/1/042017, 23
The Elias Ruff Restaurant13531 N. Main St., Grabill11/5/0400 
The Getaway Again22217 Main St., Woodburn11/17/0401 
The Gin Mill Lounge3005 E. State St., FW12/22/0406 
The Golf Dome5702 Engle Rd., FW8/27/0402 
The Great American Spice Co.628 Leesburg Rd., FW10/1/0400 
The Grind4526 Maplecrest, FW11/15/0400 
The Hayloft15112 Brunson Rd., Hoagland10/25/0400 
The Java Bean2715 Broadway St., FW7/7/041031
The Mandarin1026 E. Dupont Rd., FW10/7/041323
The Mandarin5978 Stellhorn Rd., FW12/13/0408 
The Mill Bread Company607 E. Dupont Rd., FW11/19/0400 
The Mill Bread Company6568 E. State Blvd., FW7/1/0400 
The Mill Bread Company7121 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW10/14/0402 
The Mocha Lounge6208 Covington Rd., FW12/20/0402 
The Olive Club3337 1/2 Freeman St., FW8/30/041123
The Olive Garden Italian
315 W. Coliseum Blvd., FW12/17/0402 
The Oyster Bar1509 Dupont Rd., FW10/28/0406 
The Oyster Bar1830 S. Calhoun St., FW12/9/0405 
The Palace Restaurant1202 S. Harrison St., FW12/1/0401 
The Pantry1501 Wells St., FW9/28/0400 
The Pfeiffer House434 W. Wayne St., FW12/8/0400 
The Plex1807 E. California Rd., FW12/6/0400 
The Point Restaurant3039 Goshen Rd., FW8/16/0421204, 07
The Pour House106 N. Main St., Monr.12/1/0404 
The Rock Tavern1916 Broadway, FW11/15/0400 
The Salvation Army427 W. Washington Blvd., FW11/9/0402 
The Sandwich Garden13730 Third St., Harlan8/5/0402 
The Scoop Ice Cream933 E. Dupont, FW8/3/041217
The Senate4919 S. Monroe St., FW11/17/0403 
The Stand5200 Bluffton Rd., FW8/31/042308, 17
The Window Garden Caf1300 1 Summit Square, FW11/22/0412295
Third St. Church of God FB427 Third St., FW12/14/0400 
Thomas Brownlee & Sons
613 Oxford St., FW12/20/0403 
Three Kings Restaurant &
121 S. First St., Hoagland12/14/0404 
Three Rivers Food Co-op1612 Sherman, FW9/14/0407 
Tillman Park Concessions600 E. Tillman Rd., FWSeasonal   
Tim Didier Meats &
3205 N. Wells St., FW10/27/0401 
Time Corners Little League #15814 Wilkie Dr., FWSeasonal   
Time Corners Little League #24509 Homestead Rd., FWSeasonal   
Tiny Town Market10723 Hoagland Rd., Hoag.10/11/0401 
TJ Maxx #300717 Coliseum Blvd. E., FW10/27/0400 
Toast and Jam426 E. Wayne St., FW12/13/0401 
Tokens-N-Tickets522 Noble Dr., FW8/27/0400 
Tomkinson Automotive929 Ave. of Autos, FW10/8/0400 
Tom’s Donuts1925 S. Fairfield Ave., FW9/3/0404 
Tom’s Donuts407 W. State, FW9/30/0401 
Tom’s Donuts818 E. Coliseum Blvd., FW11/17/0400 
Tower Bar & Grill2403 W. State St., FW11/29/0402 
Toys ‘R Us4122 Lima Rd., FW8/19/0400 
Trackside1820 W. Wash. Ctr. Rd., FW9/29/041633
Travelodge4606 E. Lincoln Hwy., FW7/14/0400 
Trendy Blends14550 Amstutz Rd., Grabill12/16/0411438
Trinity UMC/Food Bank609 Putnam St., FW11/30/0400 
Trion Tavern503 Broadway, NH11/24/0401 
Triple T’s Bar & Grill21313 E. Lincoln Hwy., Monr.11/10/0403 
Trolley Bar & Grill2898 E. Dupont Rd., FW12/16/0412296
Tuesday Morning10202 Coldwater Rd., FW12/21/0400 
Tuesday Morning3962 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW10/12/0400 
Tumbleweed Southwest Grill6040 Lima Rd., FW9/30/0405 
Tumbleweed Southwest Grill8607 US 24 W., FW11/4/041733
Ultrazone1104 W. Coliseum Blvd., FW11/30/0400 
Umber’s Ace Hardware2413 Lower Huntington Rd., FW7/29/0400 
Uncle Lou’s Steel Mill Tavern2123 Taylor St., FW***   
Union Baptist Food Bank2200 Smith St., FW11/12/0401 
United Faith Presb. Church
1616 W. Main St., FW10/6/0400 
United Gas1051 E. Coliseum Blvd., FW7/16/0401 
United Marathon2001 Brooklyn Ave., FW12/12/0403 
United Oil & Convenience437 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW12/8/0401 
Univ. of St. Francis/Hutzel
2701 Spring St., FW11/16/0414303
Uno Chicago Bar & Grill10460 Maysville Rd., FW12/13/0402 
Uno Chicago Bar & Grill4820 N. Clinton St., FW12/14/0405 
Up the Street2322 S. Calhoun St., FW12/2/0401 
Value City Dept. Store/VCM
1130 N. Coliseum Blvd., FW8/30/0400 
ValuGas10226 Leo Rd., FW9/2/0401 
Venice Restaurant2242 Goshen Rd., FW12/2/04319171, 296, 303
VFW Ft. Miami Post #100066814 S. Anthony Blvd., FW8/18/0402 
VFW-Kekionga Post #14217712 Bluffton Rd., FW9/24/0400 
VFW-Post #245712700 Dawkins Rd., NH9/30/0401 
VFW-Post #81472441 Winter St., FW8/10/0402 
VFW-Post #8572202 W. Main St., FW10/1/0400 
Village Caf110 E. South St., Monr.10/20/0403 
Village Oaks of Fort Wayne4730 E. State Blvd., FW11/18/0401 
VIP Bar and Grill2701 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW10/15/0401 
Vrbas II4738 Coldwater Rd., FW9/13/041109
Walgreen’s10211 Chestnut Plaza Dr., FW12/10/0401 
Walgreen’s330 W. State St., FW11/8/0400 
Walgreen’s #29321701 E. Paulding Rd., FW10/28/041105
Walgreen’s #31296201 Stellhorn Rd., FW12/14/0400 
Walgreen’s #3410222 E. Pettit Ave., FW8/3/0401 
Walgreen’s #3502907 W. Lincoln Hwy., New Haven8/11/0400 
Walgreen’s #3722110 E. Creighton Ave., FW10/1/0400 
Walgreen’s #41906730 Bluffton Rd., FW8/6/0402 
Walgreen’s #511510412 Coldwater Rd., FW8/25/0401 
Walgreen’s #54522410 N. Coliseum Blvd., FW11/8/0400 
Walgreen’s #55109030 W. US Hwy. 24, FW12/21/0401 
Walgreen’s #59405830 N. Clinton, FW12/15/0401 
Walgreen’s #66736202 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW10/15/0400 
Wal-mart10420 Maysville Rd., FW12/22/0410344
WalMart Store #1419 (AFS)5311 Coldwater Rd., FW9/22/0401 
WalMart Stores #1804 (AFM)1710 Apple Glen Blvd., FW11/18/0401 
WalMart SuperCenter #1419
5311 Coldwater Rd., FW12/7/0402 
Washington House, Inc.2720 Culbertson, FW8/23/0402 
Washington Twp. Baseball1420 Grove Dr., FWSeasonal  
Wayne Recreation3810 Lake Ave., FW11/2/0403 
Wayne Twp. Food Bank320 E. Superior St., FW9/20/0400 
Waynedale Bakery2610 Lwr. Huntington Rd., FW8/18/0403 
Waynedale United Meth. Food
2501 Church St., FW10/20/0400 
Waynewood Inn8421 Bluffton Rd., FW9/20/0404 
Wee Bee Convenient13300 State, Grabill9/10/0403 
Weisser Community Ctr.802 Eckart St., FW11/9/0401 
Weisser Park Little League815 Colerick, FWSeasonal   
Wells Discount Grocery1642 Wells St., FW7/8/0400 
Wendy’s10440 Maysville Rd., FW11/29/0402 
Wendy’s2752 Doyle Rd., NH11/22/0415129
Wendy’s #5115701 Coldwater Rd., FW7/26/0405 
Wendy’s #5133530 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW9/23/0401 
Wendy’s #5152215 Maplecrest Rd., FW12/20/0403 
Wendy’s #519701 E. Dupont Rd., FW9/27/0401 
Wendy’s #5536816 Lincoln Hwy. E., FW11/1/0403 
Wendy’s #5573519 Broadway, FW12/10/0400 
Wendy’s / B.P.3220 N. Anthony Blvd., FW10/14/0402 
Wendy’s BP Convenient Store1610 Northland Blvd., FW7/27/0400 
Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamb.
1610 Northland Blvd., FW9/20/0403 
Wendy’s Restaurants1021 S. Clinton St., FW12/13/0402 
Wendy’s Restaurants #5168909 U.S. 24, FW11/4/0400 
We’re Rolling Pretzels5311 Coldwater Rd., FW7/9/0400 
West Central Neighbrhd. Food
1316 Broadway, FW7/7/0400 
West Creighton Christian FB845 W. Creighton St., FW10/29/0400 
West State Caf1329 State St., FW11/2/0403 
Westside Gardens2025 Olladale Dr., FW12/20/0401 
Westwood Lanes Tree Room –
2400 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW10/21/0402 
Whippy Dip209 E. South St., Monr.8/2/0402 
White Swan Supermarket, Inc.9149 Lima Rd., FW8/27/0407 
Wildwood Racquet Club508 N. Hadley Rd., FW11/1/0402 
Williams and Sonoma4130 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW11/5/0400 
Willie’s Cozy Nook2896 E. Dupont Rd., FW7/6/041207
Willie’s Restaurant6342 St. Joe Ctr. Rd., FW11/1/041507
Willow Ridge Golf Course17000 Willow Ridge Trail, FW10/7/0400 
Willows Restaurant &
1601 Gump Rd., Huntertown9/13/0406 
Willy DogKreager Park, FWSeasonal   
Wilson’s Country Store17715 Indianapolis Rd., FW9/1/041005
Winchester Place4530 Bluffton Rd., FW10/7/0400 
Wing Fay Garden637 Lincoln Hwy. W., NH11/24/0423296, 344
Winning Circle5428 New Haven Ave., FW12/15/0403 
Wonder/Hostess Bakery Outlet1912 Bluffton Rd., FW7/15/0400 
Wonder/Hostess Bakery Outlet3432 N. Anthony Blvd., FW10/6/0400 
Woodburn Dairy Sweet22730 Main St., Woodburn8/30/0401 
Woodburn Fresh Foods22311 Main St., Woodburn10/26/0401 
Woodburn Lanes22315 Main St., Woodburn11/16/0400 
Woodburn UM Church FB4300 Becker Rd., Woodburn12/22/0400 
Woo’s Oriental Grocery Mart504 Noble Drive, FW12/23/0411142
Wright’s Ribs5537 S. Anthony Blvd., FW10/19/0403 
Wrigley Field Bar & Grill6527 E. State St., FW7/7/0403 
Yen Ching Restaurant6410 W. Jefferson Blvd., FW10/20/0403 
Yokohama Japanese Restaurant5320 Coldwater Rd., FW12/29/04016 
YWCA Juice Bar2000 N. Wells St., FW11/9/0400 
YWCA Women’s Shelter2000 N. Wells St. (*)11/15/0402 
Zambuca’s6179 W. Jefferson, FW9/17/0403 
Zehr Foods9735 Thinler Rd., FW12/21/0412139
Zesto10897 Isabelle Dr., NH7/26/0400 
Zesto Ice Cream210 E. Wash. Ctr. Rd., FWSeasonal   
Zesto Ice Cream2225 Broadway, FW8/10/0400 
Zesto Ice Cream5740 Falls Dr., FW8/23/0404 
Zesto Ice Cream6218 St. Joe Ctr. Rd., FW8/23/0400 
Ziffles Rib Bar6340 E. State St., FW12/14/0406 
Zulu Inn18429 Lincoln Hwy., Mnrvl.10/19/0402 

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